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DNP for Tubos list


I want a trial



A DM is a method of Pinging someone. So if you DM them then you are pinging them. Thus you also can’t DM anyone on this list as doing so violates the no pinging contract


First off I never signed a contract, second of all how tf are you suppose to communicate with people then


You can DM them for reasons other than Turbo games


Hold on looking up something


And you verbally agreed to it


I plead ignorance of DM’ing people is a ping


Ignorance of the law is no excuse





“Other crimes require a defendant to have acted with reckless disregard for the safety of others. For example, a reckless state of mind might be required for a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Where, however, criminal laws require that a defendant must have acted “willfully” when violating the law, a defendant unaware of the legal prohibition may be able to claim ignorance as a defense to the charge”


I fixed list


I sign up to be @Firekitten’s lawyer.


Nevermind, fuck you FK.


Fixed list, I’m back to being FK’s lawyer.


How about I act like your lawyer as well?


Firekitten is ultra noob


Should stay in the list


Ultra Fixed List.


No where does this require the action to be willful