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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


Dawa unconsciously looked through the door during most of the time after the discussion’s half, as expecting something to come out of here. It was such a natural course of action as a guard it because a habit.

“Any leads on what could motive those actions? I would mostly say money, but depends on how the villages were raided. If they were completely destroyed as soon he was seen, it may be for motives further from generic guesses.”


The man smiles.
“Indeed, it is light. But perfect for me. Say, could you forge one up here now?”

(Market Price would be 1 gold. 100 silver is 1 gold. Making it official in case I forget. Will be reflected in the Lore Thread.)


“I probably could, it’d be about 130 silver”


“Well well, here you go.”
He hands one gold piece and 30 silvers to you.

“Are there any other questions?” Belrion asks.


Rosie leaves, saying
“I’ll be back in an hour or two”


If people haven’t realised the thin line between the two instances meaning two separate scenarios, they’re blind. If they see it and think it refers to the previous part, they’re blind as well.


Rosie returns with the sword


Assuming by the non-answering of the question, no one really knew. It made him quite anxious.


Gavin tilts his head to the side, thinking.
“There is one thing. You’ve told us all about how this Hakix fellow acts, what he looks like, the possibility of him having accomplices. Anything we should avoid doing? I’m mainly thinking things like charging in head-first like some eager hellions I know.”
Gavin makes a coy nod towards Lyn as he mentions this.


He picks up the sword, carefully judging the weight and craft of the sword.


Lyn has been awkwardly quiet this whole time, but upon hearing Gavin’s remark, she shoots a glare back at him.

“Indeed. Gauge enemies first before engaging in combat. If its Hakix, do not engage and let me or Cherria handle him. He would prove too much for any of you young ones.” Belrion states.

“We will be heading towards (Ruins of) Millias, where he is stipulated to be hiding, directly after this meeting.” Cherria announces.


Dawa listened carefully while looking at the direction of the door, apparently to the void. “And let me or Cherria”, “and let me or Cherria” “and…”

This part of the discuss got stuck in his head, apparently pulling over some kind of memory. Oh, Cherria… Dawa have heard of the name at older times. A fierce Telian general he, deeply in secret, even looked up to.

Oh… right. This name. Cherria.

He quickly moved his eyes to the women, realizing who they had in front of them. Astonished of a sudden, he accidentaly kicked the wall backwards. Wasn’t… Wasn’t this woman dead?


Gavin was slightly startled by the sudden bump, and looked to its direction, spotting Dawa at the wall.
“Are you alright there, guardsman? Something happen? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”


Dawa expected to bring attention, and prepared himself for his voice to seem professional.
“No, sorry. Nothing happened. It is all alright.”
He then stared Belrion, as if in need to communicate in private.


Gavin, seemingly convinced, nods his head and scans the table.
“Well I’ve certainly said my piece. Does anyone else want to ask anything concerning our assignment? Andrei, Tressa, Kana, Lyn? Anything to offer, or shall we let our Lord continue - slash - conclude this meeting?”

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“I don’t have anything else troubling my mind, but the uneasiness still lurks.”


“I would like to rethink about all of this alone, if that’s alright.”


A deep breath was taken as no one questioned further, the royal guard rapidly recomposing their position.

“If most guards aren’t well-equiped enough to deal with the men as the children also aren’t, should I escort them to safety shall they encounter Hakix?”

He took another look at the table. Almost all those yongins beared weapons, probably knowing how to use them. For noble teenagers and children it wouldn’t be uncommon, but for peasants they should still be taking their first steps with them. It is to keep in notes, however, that they mentioned some sort of training a lot of times.

…Are we really training children?

Hell, this is going quite far. At least I only obey orders.


Kana shakes her head.


Lyn sits on her seat silently. An unchararacteristic action on her part.

“Most guards do not have the ability to see through magic. The only one stationed here able to see through is the cleaner Jagen, but he’s getting on in years.”

“Everyone shall meet outside the inn after nightfall.” Belrion announces.
(It is afternoon. A separate announcement will come when night falls.)

“This is good, good enough for me. Nice job there.” Felix says to the young weaponsmith, taking the sword, putting it by his side.