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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


“You have my shield and my sword anything in this world should happen, Belrion.” Dawa had an uncompassionate tone, as if the answer was a routine although not a burden. But his chest was twitching from inside, the eyes with a brightness rarely seen.


Rosie continues to not be present for this thrilling conversation


“How can we find the one that caused all our pain and suffering?” Andrei looks at his staff in great detail


“I trained you hard, any training by me is always better than the rest, and for a good 8 and a half years too!” Cherria declares.


Dawa looked to Belrion “If we are going into guerilla mode, it would be better for us to use the same wearings of the common folk”


K: So what’s our plan of action?


Lyn stays silent as she listens. A weird unusually serious look in her usual happy and free expression.

“This person is deep within the kingdom of Argus. I do not know who, but I have a few leads. Thing is, I can’t be too open, the emperor suspects me after all. And…”

“And…?” Cherria asks.

“You’re right, young lass, you’re inexperienced and others are more helpful in such tasks. However, it stands that you have the advantage of not being known to others. However, people may cause trouble for you, especially for a group full of youngins. Dawa will assist you, to help throw and stave off suspicion.” Belrion speaks, referring to Dawa’s knight pass. (That he can use to gain authority.)

Presumed dead. Huh… Critical hit to Cherria’s pride. She grumbles silently.

“You’ll go to the city of the North, Thashopolis to meet up with a lord, an old friend of mine. It just so happens that he has some info on the traitor in the kingdom who thoroughly took advantage of the situation. It just so happens that I’m on route to Thashopolis as well, so I will assist in the journey.” Belrion states with fervour.

“C’mon, sorry about before, don’t ignore me.” Felix bows his head.


“Can I do anything for you?” Rosie says, passive aggressively


“This Lord of yours… any idea on what we should be looking out for? Aside from the obvious lordly regalia, of course, that’s by the by.”


I will stay with them now, gotcha. I still think there are people more suited to the task, but I appreciate the eager of revolution the young ones have in their souls.

“Do you wish me to get horses for the group?”




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“Be careful, my lord. I’m well inclined to believe that if the suspicion grew to more than an expeculative thought at the back of his mind, you could get in trouble”

I mean, it’s not like I have already jailed people for suspicion of betrayal.

“Thashopolis… It’s shameful to confess I can’t remember any names. Which lord is it, sir Belrion?”


Something something Dawa needed a scale mail for that neat mercenary looks.

While Dawa wondered about the scale mail and the metalworker girl, the prophecy from earlier strucked his head. He almost had formed a theory, if he had to believe those insights were real. Well, from the last time he found a young mystic the visions were pretty realistic, but nothing said fate couldn’t be changed…
…Aside from the own prophet. But who cares.

“Do your prophecies have to happen in front of your own eyes, mystic?”


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This will be ignored for the time being until I continue the story.

Writing the continuation now.


“Raos. My uncle, second lord of Argus, he has a lead on the mastermind of the situation.”

“You’ll be going there in guise as Mercenaries. While going to Thashopolis, we will find Hakix, who has been causing chaos in the lands to make ourselves a reason for going to visit Raos. To collect the bounty that Hakix has gotten on his head.”


He passes you a sword, light yet sturdy. A bronze sword it seems.

“Mind appraising this gal for me?” He asks.

The sword seems pretty battered, and sharpened many times. No cracks on it, but it’s weight is way too light.


“Mercenaries, huh? I don’t know if I have the technique to act like one let alone become one.”


“Just get a cheap sword and it should be fine, should you not be seen in battle”