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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


(Smol triggered noises.)
(Nvm im blind.)


(I didn’t)


Kana is trying not to fall asleep.


“Now who wants to know of what happened 9 years ago?”


Dawa told his entire family to refer to him as “cousin” instead of “brother” or “son” as it would be easier to disassociate them from him. If his siblings didn’t threw him under the bus for accident, then it meant that this man knew too much. Much more than he should, even as a knight.


(Marl is everywhere even in this RP…Oof)


Kana falls asleep.


He gives Kana a slap by habit to stay awake.


He also continued to stay up, in on-guard position as a habit as well.


“9 years ago… The death of the old King. And, as you mentioned my siblings, I assume you are talking about the village between borders as well”


K: Ow!
Kana rubs her neck and looks around, glaring at Dawa, before slumping back into her chair.


Dawa was really good at annoyingly mantaining his expression neutral, while nervously holding the sword’s pommel.


“Who wants to hear about 9 years ago? Of course! Is that not what we’ve come here for?”


Cherria nods. She places her hand on the table and words appear from it.

The world is declining. Root out the cause of the power-riddled illness of the current emperor. Please help my son.

“Of course. The village was of utmost importance to keep things stable. Our late emperor cherished the bonds greatly, however the people of Argus were driven by power, much like our current emperor.” She said.

“Indeed. Rasha ordered the attack on Telias. Why he however attacked Millias… could only be for one reason.” Berion said.

"Yuna, to make her come out of her hiding spot, but she never did. The emperor views her as a trophy of sorts, he increased the bounties to capture her, " Cherria added. “A possessive man through and through.”

“A dangerous, pampered man. The witch that spread, never was Yuna. She took the downfall while the real one escaped. We still can’t find the whereabouts of the culprit. All the previous Argus lords were replaced with people who ruled through power.” Belrion sighs.

“I am the last remaining lord who served his late Majesty. Grant the Second. He entrusted me with this.”
He refers to the words on the table.
“Here, you make your choice. Will you help me, or do you choose to have a normal life?”


Gavin listens dutifully to the explanation. Tyrants, possessive madmen with an insatiable lust for power. Gavin runs his fingers through his long hair, twirling the tips around his index finger as he does so. Finally, he nods.
“Certainly, I cannot allow this to stand as it is. It is my duty, after all, to uphold justice through means of removing corruption. It was all mentioned as such in my training. If the corruption that is to be purged lies in the veins of the Regent himself, then so be it.”

“Consider me, ‘in’.”


The man who previously harrassed Rosie is sitting next to her again.
“Imma apologise to ya, my bad just now. My lord seems to have taken a liking to ya, and in the business kind.”


Tressa has conflcting thoughts in her mind

“I…I don’t know what to say…”


Kana is silent after hearing it.
K: Y-you mean…
K: I see.
K: I must help, if this is true, no?


“So as it is my duty, so as it is yours. All of ours.”


Tressa with indifferent tone continues her talk
“I have to ask, why us particulary? We don’t have a lot of expierence on batlefield and i’m pretty sure there are people who would be a bigger help in this hard task.”