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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


He picks a shadowy chair, leaving the shield above the table.
Well, it is hard to disguise you are a knight but maybe I can make people not question too much.


It is hard not to attract attention to yourself in a room with everyone else from another group.

“Ah, a familiar face” Says the hooded lady. It sounds familiar, but you can’t exactly remember where it came from.


Kana hops over to room 7.


Andrei takes the closest seat as he sits down upon with his staff laid across his lap


“Why are we here and who else is coming over?” He says, observing a girl and a boy coming and also taking their seats.


“What’s the real catch?”


“I’ll stand, if that’s alright.”
Gavin moves a chair out of the way to stand at least in association with everyone else.


“What a paranoid one… That is all to it, and if you do not wish for it, so be it, I have matters to attend to.”
The man takes his sword and puts it back into its sheathe, before walking into the hallway connecting to the doors.


“I prefer the term ‘cautious’”


He waves while he walks into Room 7.


Cherria looks up at the man who entered the room.


“Do chairs strain the knees or do you want to stand out from the crowd?”


Dawa sees the Lord and immediatly stands up.
Well, that is quite awkward.


Tressa stands up very close to the doors


“I feel more comfortable standing. Sitting down on normal-sized chairs for a man my size is… well, I’d feel bad if I ever broke one.”


K: It would be funny for me to see, though.


“Now, sit down, once seated, one must always remain seated.”

He turns to the hooded Cherria.
“It’s been a long time, eh?”

For those who know her… well… its like a switch flipped.
“Y-yeah… It’s been a long time…”


Dawa was smaller than most guards, which was a 5’ 7". He, while also standing, looked to the tall one with “welp”.
“I should be standing guard at the door. It is my fault.”


“B-b-Belrion! Just because you killed my clone of-”
She breathes in.
“ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO ZERO ONE PERCENT doesn’t mean you won against me!”

Her hood comes off, and reveals her flame red short hair.

“Ha! Ha ha ha!” The man, Lord Belrion starts laughing loudly.
“It was an act after all, I had to show power to gain the trust of King Rasha. Now, enough idle banter. Dawa, you will be listening to this as well, it involves your siblings.”

He didn’t add the fact of one-shotting in.


Rosie just sits at the table, thinking “so much for this ‘destiny’ that guy mentioned”