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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


“I also appreciate your abilities in combat. You have improved quite well over the years.”
He turns to face Lyn
“My sister running off possibly getting herself hurt isn’t interesting enough for you? She could have gotten involved with a murderer who needed to get rid of evidence in a crime scene!”


“I guess…?”


“I… I… was trying to see if anything interesting happened so I could protect you all! Meanies…” Lyn turns away, pouting.

Cherria folds her arms, raisingnan eyebrow.
“Now now, we’re not here for squabbling.”


Dawa looked at his lord.
“The masked girl over here just talked about Hakix”.


“What are we here to do then? Lie around and wait for a duel to commence?”


“You will come with me then. You’ll meet my uncle, Belrion Leonardo Zatchvitz. The creator of the 5 Millienia Weapons of our era.”


“We’re meeting someone. That person will explain everything to you.” Cherria speaks softly.


“Let’s hope they don’t try to get anyone hurt. One of the individuals is going to have a serious wound and I need to be prepared to manage it.”


“Never heard of them”


“I’d rephrase that as such - Let’s hope they don’t try to get anyone hurt, else they’ll have me to contend with.”
Gavin puffs out his chest.


He brings out his sword, and lays it on the table.
The sword is of a remarkable quality, exceeding the king’s sword in sharpness, and a steady hollowness can be felt from inside for mana channeling, the sword guard quite large to fit a man of that size. The sheathe… a metal that no one has ever made to mold properly, Admantite.
“May this change your mind.”


Rosie clasps her hands together with her elbows on the table
“You have my interest, what’s the catch?”


“The catch is that you will have to travel with me to see my uncle in the northern city, Thampopolis.”


You remember that you were supposed to go to Room 7.


“We don’t have time for idle chatter. Let’s go to Room 7.”
She opens the door to room 7 and walks in.


“Room 7, huh? Shouldn’t be too hard to get to. Hope Annie doesn’t stay in that other room for too long.”
Andrei heads into Room 7 as well


Tressa after seeing Andrei and Gavin, she starts to run
“Hey guys! Wait for me!”


If the lord went in room 7, I just follow him while seeming knight-y.
If they didn’, I just go anyway but trying not to attract attention.


Gavin turns to see Tressa as he walks in.
“Oh, Tressa’s here too. Lovely.”


(The lord is doing something else.)

Lyn sulks and goes inside the room.
It’s a meeting room. With a round table and chairs…