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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


Gavin follows closely behind, again keeping a diligent eye out for any unusual activity.


Tressa looks even more curious

“Mage Hakix? Who was this fella, sort of criminal?”


[ Can I hear what she is saying?


Andrei gets out of the room and back into the main area to look for anyone else familiar


“Oooh… Hakix is a criminal alright, some call him the purity hunter. He has defiled many women, and a scumbag to boot. He wins as long as he uses his magic, and is a pretty decent swordfighter too!”


“Hey, wait up!”
Lyn follows.

You meet Gavin and Cherria outside the room, though her odd outfit.

You see Andrei and Lyn coming out of a room.


Tressa straightened up and looks at inkeeper with curious eyes
“Tell me, where he was seen last time?”


[but can I hear itttttt


Rosie isn’t sure what to do so she just sits back at her table


“I am not entirely sure… around these parts…”
Dawa can hear it. And he knows the last place the man was seen is leaving the inn.


“You, you want to look at some of a master’s techniques? I know one.”

The man with the booming laughter and triple headed jewels asks you.


Gavin strongly nods towards Andrei.

“Ah, 'Drei. Why’d everybody rush off? I know we’re supposed to be here but come on, we’re not on a time limit as far as I’m concerned.”


“I see…do you know where i can learn more informations about them?”


“Annie ran off here so I had to go after her. As for everyone else, I’m not sure why.”


“Well… this is a little tricky… the closest you can get information about that is the northern city’s customer service… at least thats what they called it there…”

“I dont know anything else. Sorry lass.”


“What??? I ran after you guys thinking there was something interesting going to happen!”
Lyn protests.


“Oh, I see. That’s understandable. Protecting has always been your strongest suit, after all.”
Gavin looks down at his weapon.
“People like myself appreciate the work you do.”


“In which City exactly? I believe there is couple of those on map.”


“The Thashopolis, where all prosper.”


“Hehehe. I see a good opportunity for a business! Thank you very much!”
Tressa drops a couple of Silver on countertop and with good mood stand up and leaves