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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


He faces Lyn with his expression unchanging
“I had the vision again. One of the figures screamed in rage while the other was heavily wounded as everyone stood up from the ground.”


“It’s ok…it’s ok” she goes to hug him and stops she realizes Lyn is in the doorway “I wasn’t aware this was hide and seek Lyn”


“Someone said that he can stop it from happening, but he doesn’t know the seal of fate. I-It’s locked in place for the rest of your life.”


Kana enters the Inn, and sees everyone else already there.
K: Yeesh, you all are fast.


[ Yas more dragonss


[ Consumed by madness reminds me so much of Darkest Dungeon


“My Lord? I have silver, may you want to buy this sword.”


Tressa get into the seat next to innkeeper

“Howdy! I would like to ask about somethin’ if you don’t mind.”


[ Undertale flashbacks


After a couple of hours, Rosie returns with the repaired shield


He looks at Rose and then takes the shield, carefully observing it.
“Wow, that was fast. The metal on the damaged part is too thick compared to the rest, but it is nicely polished overall. Here, take this.”
He hands you more 5 silver coins over


“Ha ha ha, you indeed are better at conversing with commoners than I!” The man boomed.

Gavin and a lady in a hood and mask walks in…
@BlueStorm Gavin would know why she’s hiding her appearance like that… and she appears to be conscious about it.

Upon hearing the man’s voice, people started cheering for him. Was he a hero of sorts?


(@Shurian REEE I want interact as well. :frowning: )


“Yeah lass, ask away!” The shopkeeper stretches out, clearly after a rush of people.


Dawa noticed the cheering and thought it was abnormal. Also, masked people are always trouble. He docked the shield in his arm for anything should happen.


(It’s cheering for your lord, not the woman in hood.)


Gavin scans the inn, keeping his left hand clutched on his nunchucks. He’d prefer a barroom brawl not to happen but hey, things can easily get out of hand in such an environment.


“Well, let’s go find the others. The guy we’re supposed to meet will be waiting at Room 7.”
She proceeds to the inn’s rooms…


“Did you maybe i don’t know receive any interesting rumors or stories lately?”


“Ah young lass, these days our inn has been abuzz with many stories, like the one of the flying boars, and the ghost haunting the mines! But there’s one more, there’s a bounty on the mage Hakix. Aoparently Lord Belrion and two knights will be coming to slay this man, who has been sighted nearby! Interestin aint they?”