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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


“I dunno. You pick!”


“Since this is an inn, I assume there’s a room we can use. We might as well converse over there.”


“Lead the way”


Andrei walks over to an available room and opens the door to let Annie in


she enters and waits for him to enter behind her


Andrei closes the door and enters the room


“So Andrei, anything new about the other one?”


“Well, I found out the person is a female, but I don’t think Rosie’s the one. I would have gotten something else if that were the case.”


“Anything else defining the female, her hair, her eye color?”


“No. Nothing else. It might take a few more years to figure that out.”


“Yeah…were lucky to have gotten that far, you wanna go through everything we have for it so far?”


“An interesting character. Unfortunately, this lowly person here does not have silver pieces.”
The cloaked man with the jewels bows.

Lyn runs into the inn, huffing and puffing.
“Where are they?! I must be first… right?”

Cherria is right behind…?


“Okay, it’s not a lot, so it should be easier to recall.”
He pulls up his fingers and starts counting as he speaks
“She burned a village down, she had a sword in her hand, she sliced a few civilians, and she was a woman who was consumed by madness.”


“You think we’ll just meet this woman one day? Maybe she will already have the arua of madness if we meet her so we can take her down and prevent it!”


He grips his staff and looks at it
“I haven’t found any purification spells, but with us working together, we can do anything.”
Andrei has a warm smile on his face as he speaks


“Yeah! We can take down anything together!”


Suddenly, Andrei’s eyes go out of focus as his expression goes neutral


“B-brother? I-Is everything ok?”


After a few minutes, his eyes go back to normal and he becomes worried
“The duel. I saw it again.”


Lyn opens the door to the two.
“I found you!”