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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


Rosie snaps her fingers, a small flame appears on her index finger, she extinguishes it with her thumb
“I’ll be fine”


Andrei takes a few steps back towards his sister
“O-Okay, you can take care of yourself.”




“Anyway. You are a blacksmith, right?”


“Junior, but yeah”


“Anyway, it is damaged as you can see. Nothing major. Whatever you do, don’t damage the glyph on the inside. The crest is okay as long you don’t distort it, but the glyph shouldn’t be touched. And I need it for tomorrow, where we can again reunite here when it is noon. I will pay you 50 silver for that and no more. Contract closed?”


“I feel like we’ve skipped over part of this conversation, such as the part you tell me what ‘it’ is”


He lifted up the shield from the nearest table, showing both front and back. In the front, what looked like a normal soldier shield. In the back, a golden symbol.


“Yeah that shouldn’t be too difficult”


He gave you the shield and the coins.


Rosie takes the shield elsewhere


“Also, mystic boy, is someone going to be attacked?”


“The chance is certain. If you’re trying to prevent that from happening, then you’re out of luck. You can’t change fate.”
He looks down at his staff with a frown


“Bah. Someone’s fate depends of themselves.”


Andrei’s voice contains more certainty and grim tones
“Trust me, I tried to change fate several times, but the result was always the same. It’s best to accept what’s given to you.”


“Maybe it is for prophets, then. I dislike heavily limits like that.”


“Fine, but you’ll see that no matter what, one survives the duel. Perhaps you’ll be involved in it yourself.”


“I don’t have problems with this kind of prophecy. I will just ask fortuna if I can be the one to win it, if that is the case.”


“Brother…C-Can we talk in private?”


“Sure thing. Where are we meeting up?”