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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


“Alright, then I might need to introduce you with my friends as we had the same destiny for a long time.”


[ now it looks like a very derp pick up line




He motions Rose towards Annie’s direction
“This is my little sister, Annie. She’s a bit childish, but she’s a tough cookie.”




If one day Dawa had a daughter, he would surely want it to be like this girl.
Those short answers are awesome.


“Right next to her is Tressa. She’s a bit shy, but I bet she’ll warm up to you if you spend enough time with her.”
Andrei seems to be unaware of his surroundings as he continues speaking


“I see…”


“Of course, those two aren’t the only members of the group. There’s also Gavin, Hja, and Kana. I don’t know where they are, so I can’t really give a proper introduction to them, hehe.”




“I’m not childish! if anything your more of a child than me!”


It takes a moment before Andrei notices how he’s acting and starts to blush
“O-Oh, I’m sorry, I should have told you who I am first. I guess she was right on me needing to work on my social communication skills.”
He brings his staff closer to him as he makes a quick sharp glance towards Annie before turning back to face Rosie
“I’m Andrei. Who might you be?”


“My point exactly! At least you didn’t use a pick up line” she rolls her eyes


“Richardson, Rosie Richardson”


Tressa chuckles
“Ah Andrei, are you sure this is all you wanted to say?”


“O-Oh right, I guess she needs an explanation of what’s going on.”
He clears his throat
“I’m what you call a Seer. You see, I had a vision of a hammer, metal, and a frame. I didn’t know who that could possibly relate to until I caught a glimpse of you. I’m not sure why you of all people have to get involved in such a path encountering a guy like me.”
His fingers twiddle around his staff as a way of trying to calm down




“I must warn you right now, I had another vision where two dueled with one survivor remaining. I don’t want anyone I know to get hurt, so I have to warn them before events like that occur to keep them safe.”


“I can keep myself safe”


“We can’t always decide actions like that, ma’am.”