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Dispirited Hallows {Main Thread}


Such is the dispirited, weak and broken. Those who hath come aboard, and those who hath fallen. The tides are changing. The era of peace is about to end.

The beloved King, Grant the Second is failing. The crown prince Rashie Zealot Grant the Third is stipulated to become king. His coronation will take place in two days.

There is a the borderlands, the village of Millias. The mediator between two kingdoms. We have several children playing by the fields of the village. One of them is Lyn Itsucha. She is a very vibrant girl, of 9 years old. She is skipping around in the village, looking at the flowers that adorn the field.

“When will the others come?” The green haired lady asks. Here, her conspicuous hair colour doesn’t matter. “I’m getting bored…”

Most roleplayers will be friends of Lyn. Arc 0 starts… now.


how long is arc 0 :thinking:


Until I say so. All ooc interaction is to be kept in Discord OR Interest Thread.




Somebody prods Lyn.


Lyn jumps up, before she looks back at the figure.
“K-Kana! Don’t do that! You scared me!”


A little boy in a cloak starts walking towards the area while his body is trembling. He seems like he doesn’t want to speak.


“Oh! Dreiii!” She waves excitedly. “You came!”


Andrei continues to shake
“Y-Yeah, why would I-I not come over?”


“Yay!” Being 9, an immature mind exists.


Andrei sits in a corner in his trembling state without saying anything more


In the distance, you can hear noices in a hurry and the girl stood right behind Lyn


Tressa looks exhausted from running


Kana smiles, and points to a cut on her hand.
K: Hey, do you all know about the time I killed a dragon? I have the cut to prove it.*


“Uwah… You killed a bug, that’s all.” She pouts at Kana.
She pats Tressa on her head.


“Dragon? Where did you find it?”


“I hope you didn’t need to wait very long. I was been busy lately.”


K(whispering to Lyn): Shhh!
Kana turns back round to Tressa.
K: I really did kill a dragon! It was… near my house!


“No no! I came here early!”


Tressa raised her eyebrow

“What he was doing near to your house?”


K: It was all,
K: “Oh give me all of your money or i’ll put your house on fire”