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Dispirited Hallows {Lore Thread}


For the first few players that start off…

There are two kingdoms. Argus and Telias. Players will be situated in the village by the borders, where relations are good and amiable, with little influence from the two kingdoms. However, being in the middle of two kingdoms that do not have good relations with each other isn’t a blessing. The village has become the mediator for many different issues, and have lasted till this day. However, the kingdoms grow more and more animous towards each other, something will happen soon enough. All roleplayers will be kids then, after Arc 0, then will you grow up. Arc 1 is the mark of the start of the story and adventure.

For all players.

Argus’ King Grant has been steadily declining, and behind the king, Prince Rasha, the son of Grant, is a ruthless musclehead ruled only by his strength. There is a growing worry that Rasha will turn the world upside down.

There was a witch who bewitched the Prince Rasha, turned him into the manipulative tyrant he is today. There have been many theories on how she bewitched him, but the most popular one is that she entwined his heart with an unusual thread of hair, causing him to become a cruel person.

The amount of power that the Witch yields is incredible. No one has found her ever since she fled from the capital under charges. She has the second highest bounty on her head. Many of those related to her have been executed by the prince and the few that were able to successfully escape have had to take another name and disguise themselves.

There seems to be talk of corruption, where Rasha has monopoly over the army. Under his pressure, the Church of Argus seems to be approving the notions of war. Telias is seeming to try to maintain the status quo, but that is only possible if the current King Grant can survive.

There are four lords of Argus.
Belrion Eckscatz - Known to be a man of valor, who cut down the Vanguard Leader of Telias down.
Raos Lifenstein - A Master Forger. A man who is mysterious… Known to be the tactician behind the army of Argus
Aelion Esleif - A particularly young lord, who has ascended since the passing of his father.
Eregor Perifience - A man whose deeds in battle are numerous, he is known to hold an undefeated record in battle.

There are 6 legendary weapons that have been forged by the Lifensteins. All weapons will change according to the user’s needs.
Brute’s Adamant - This Sword is easy to handle. Cannot be broken and does not need sharpening.
Searing Piercer - This Lance inflicts wounds that cannot be healed for a set period of time, as the user wills it.
Decorated Finale - A Shield that repels and reflects any attack.
Hawk Eyes - A Crossbow, made out of the wood of the north. It’s reloading speed is non-existent.
The Rippers - Daggers shaped like edges of a trident, A Trishula to be exact. Extremely light but deals damage.
Forbidden Love - A whip able to be imbued with magic like a normal metallic/wooden weapon. One of it’s kind.

20 Copper - 1 Silver
100 Silver - 1 Gold
500 Gold - 1 Engregrium (Mmm? OwO what’s this?)

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Locations List

  • Northern Forest - Untouched Greenery
    • Jannis Falls - Waterfall of Light
    • Borio’s Plains - Natural Nature
    • ??? - ???
  • Millias Village - Border Peacekeepers
  • Argus Kingdom - Central Castle of the Grands, symbol of power.
    • Lavis Mines - South of Thashopolis
    • Thashopolis - The Northeastern city of celebrations and fun
    • Falch’s Keep - A renowned store in the middle of the path from Lavis Mines to Thashopolis.
    • Argus - Castle of the royals.
      • Heathen’s Cross - Prison of the Damned, Dungeons of the Royals.
      • Royal Pharmacy - All herbs are stored here and prescribed to different travelling pharmacists.
      • Clock Tower - The Chime indicates the date and time.
      • Royal Knight’s Quarters - Self-explanatory.
        • Contains Sleeping Quarters, Training Grounds and Weaponsmith.
      • Priest’s Temple - Where the Priest prays for the salvation of their people.
  • Ruined Southlands
    • Ruins of Agravain - Death of a kingdom. Laid to waste.
  • Eastlands- Telias
    • Telias - A joyful city with many wonders.
  • Western Tribes, the Collection of Medbs
    • Medbs - Congregation of the West, Mountainous regions.


NPC List - Biographies

Yuna Itsucha (39)

Bewitching Witch
Backstory: She has been hunted everywhere, but she has not been caught, not even once. There has been 17 expeditions to capture her, but none of those expeditions found any informations on her whereabouts. She is said to be the one who had bewitched King Rasha. However, what remains a mystery is that none of those soldiers were injured in any way, even mentally.
Italics are for those who seen her in Arc 0. She isn’t a killer anyway, not so much as you know.
Personality: Besides her occasional snide remarks, she would not express much. Is there a reason to this…?
Abilities: Studies have shown that she is well-versed in water+ice magic. She is also good with manipulating sounds (and emotions).
Appearance: A long green-haired lady, retaining her youth from witchcraft(?) and pale. Wears a pendant tucked inside her usual white kimono.
“Move. You’re in my way.”

Lyn Alastor (18)

Backstory: Her Dad died in a fire, and she was saved due to her then innocence. She is very prickly, and won’t hesitate to bite you off (with her tongue).
She loves her candies. Give her one and she’ll be won over… Like a child. Especially those sweets.
Personality: A very hyperactive person with loads of energy to spare. Is never (almost) serious and always having fun. Very prickly and adorable when annoyed.
Abilities: Fire Magic, with her wand. Has enhanced agility and strength when angry.
Appearance: Very short, at a nice 158 centimetres. She sports short blue hair, and her features make her seem like a young teenager at 13. Her eyes are of a shade of indigo. Oh, and a brown fur patch is stuck to her right shoulder.
“Uwaah… Gav keeps calling me tiny… I’ll get back at him! Huh? I AM tiny? You just asked for it! UWAAH!”

Rasha Zealot Grant III (41)

King of Argus
Appearance: Long blonde hair, he’s cool and never smiles… At least normally. Always the scary evil smile…
Abilities: ???
Personality: ???
“I await those who dare to come to me. May they put up a good game.”

Cherria Yasvitz (35)

Assassin (Previous) / Vanguard Leader of Telias (Previous) / Presumed Dead, Mercenary (??) (Present)
Backstory: A previous commander of the vanguard of Telias. She was considered to be one of the brightest commanders to have been in the Telias army, but was slain by Belrion in the opening acts of the war.
Personality: She’s cool, to outsiders. She’s all fluffy and warm like a mother in the inside.
Abilities: Dagger movement, Quick Steps (Max. Agility) and cloning.
Appearance: She’s tanned, with brown hair going down to her shoulders. She has a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder extending to her waist. (Will be covered by clothing usually)
“It’s hot out… I do hope they are alright… Wait… You heard nothing, you heard me?”

Felix Felis (29)

Knight of Belrion
Backstory: A knight serving under Belrion, who always fools around, yet Belrion considers him to be one of the two he hires to be by his side.
Personality: Flirtatious, Helpful. Sadistic to a certain degree (out of battle).
Abilities: One-handed Sword Style, Unorthodox sword techniques and his beautiful face.
Appearance: One would think he came out from a fairytale, but he did not. His blonde hair, long eyelashes and piercing gaze has won over many maidens’ hearts.
“Don’t be sad, I’ll always be in your heart. And you, in mine.”

Hakix (??)

Scourge of Argus (Present) / ?? (Past)
Backstory: He has been attacking villages and… doing unspeakable things. The lowest of the low, a huge bountied man.
Appearance: A man with red hair… with a red jacket and striking red pants… shouldn’t be too hard to look for him… right?
Abilities: Light and wind Magic. Specialises in Illusions.

Belrion Eckskatz VII (48)

Lord of Argus
Backstory: A Lord of Argus who participated in the previous war against Telias, heralded for defeating the vanguard leader Cherria despite her tactics making him falter at every turn.
Appearance: A gruff large man with a stubble, his height is of 194cm is pretty high and has two swords.
Abilities: Two-handed sword style, fast and furious. Is overwhelming
Personality: A zealous man of valor and honour. He is amiable, awkward with commoners. However, he is dependable and willing to do his best for his people. Ferocious in battle, charismatic in rallying people to his cause.
“Feast upon my army! For this is the last thing that you’ll ever see!”

Nicole Ksiezyc (14)

Backstory: One of the children of the remnant survivors from the Millias ruins. Is known to be quiet and shy, nurturing and straightforward.
Abilities: Night Vision, Enhancing Spells. Wand user.
Appearance: She’s a teenage girl, with short dark brown hair draped over her right eye, her hair cut curtly at her neck length.

Raijin Ksiezyc

To be filled…