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Dispirited Hallows {Character Sheets}


Connection Formed

Hai… is this thing on…? Ah! It is!

Umu! It’s me Umu from the previous RP! “The one that failed huh” Wha-? It did not fail! I just merely put it away in my stash of ideas! Now this is a better one, no more stats! Fufufufu…

Ignore Umu, she's recovered and now back to her nonsense...

If my RPers are happy, I too will be happy! Now! Rejoice, for your character’s journey (and your fun) starts now!

She's clearly not going to give the main idea, so I will. Here is the format for the character sheets.

Character Sheet Format

Character Name: Yuna Istucha
Occupation: ???
Age: 28(Arc 0) / 37 (Arc 1)
Appearance: A young lady, with blue long hair. Sharp nose with green irises. 170 cm in height.
History: ??? (Only if you join later than a certain arc, please inform me if you wish to create an external character outside of the main first group.)
Attacking Style: Offensive/Defensive/Manipulative
Weapon of Choice: ??? Magic (Make it reasonable! Note you can learn more, but you wont be as proficient in others than this weapon. This is an NPC so yeah it’s hidden.)

Hey, bitch. I betcha I make them more happier than you do.
Huuuh? What’s that you shitty brat, you wanna go down?
As if I will be scared of y- Bwah!
Take my elbow drill! Ah! We have a little problem here, so please excuse me as I pummel the logic of mincing words into this little bastard over here.
Yo- No! NOT THAT! Shit she's nuts now! Save me!

Terminate Connection.


Don’t make Umu cry, it’ll get troublesome.
Also! Do please take note that you will have to check for a like from me to see whether or not your character is accepted.

Nothing here but CS pls.


Character Name: hja hjason
Age: 8 (Arc 0) / 17 (Arc 1)
Appearance: A young slim boi, with black hair. 120 cm(arc 0)/ 155 cm(arc 1)
Attacking Style: Manipulative
Weapon of Choice: summoning box, Magic(hypnotize, summon,)


Character Name: Gavin Godwin
Age: 11(Arc 0) / 20 (Arc 1)
Appearance: A young male, with blonde long hair. Pointed nose, sharp eyes, green irises. 5ft and 9in tall (Arc0) 6ft and 6in tall (Arc1). Usually wearing a Blue/Green tunic and leather pants combination, with sandals.
Attacking Style: Offensive
Weapon of Choice: Magic-infusable Nunchucks


Character Name: Andrei Nexus
Occupation: Oracle
Age: 9 (Arc 0) / 19 (Arc 1)

Attacking Style: Defensive
Weapon of Choice: Staff with a few select spells (Healing and spirit energy for example)


Character Name: Tressa Colozone
Occupation: Merchant
Age: 8 (Arc 0) / 18 (Arc 1)

Attacking Style: Manipulative
Weapon of Choice: Absorbing Magic, start with “Elvish Bow” and with that an ability to see enemy’s weakpoints. (She can obtain different powers by possessing magical rare items)


Character Name: Annie Nexus
Occupation: Aspiring Warrior
Age: 7(Arc 0) / 17 (Arc 1)
Appearance: Blue eyes and flowing black hair. Arc 0 height- 3’ 11". Arc 1 height 6’ 2"
Attacking Style: Offensive
Weapon of Choice: One Handed sword with no shield


Character Name: Kana Midori
Occupation: Storyteller
Age: 6 (Arc 0) / 16 (Arc 1)

(162 cm)

Attacking Style: Offensive
Weapon of Choice: Daggers


Character Name: Dawa Ksiezyc
Occupation: Royal Guard
Age: 21 (Arc 0) / 31 (Arc 1)
Appearance: He uses a classical guard armor with the shield of Argus on the chest and a white cloak, as usually seen on all guards. By act 1, he will start closing it at the middle not to show up the symbol when not at a work.


History: Had three siblings, one older than him who died in combat and sustained the family after the death of their father. When he was at age, he enlisted to be a royal guard of Argus.
Attacking Style: Defensive
Weapon of Choice: One-handed sword and a shield. Both are vinculated. By putting the shield in front of themselves and holding his sword back with the other hand, he can activate a healing zone where all nearby allies will slowly start to heal.


Character Name: Rosie Richardson
Occupation: Junior Blacksmith
Age: (idk what is going on with this really) 19
Appearance: A young woman with soot-black hair, she is around 5’8’’ and has an average build, her hands are covered in burn marks from years ago.
History: Later
Attacking Style: Offensive
Weapon of Choice: Fire Magic (Creation, Manipulation and Resistance)


Character Name: Vethre Zansenden
Occupation: Royal Investigator; Bounty Hunter
Age: 28 (Arc 1)
Appearance: A red-haired woman of average build for her height (180 cm). The left side of her faced is wracked with scars, especially nearing her eye which is covered with an eyepatch depicting the code of arms for a nation long since forgotten to time.

general gist of their appearance

History: No known records of their childhood have been found, and most attempts to probe them for information (typically done by high-ranking nobles in Argus) have not yielded much in the way of concrete information. From what the nobles have figured out, Vethre was at one point an innocent bystander in regards to the witch with an admittably ‘squalid’ upbringing. Vethre will not divulge further, as they appeared to have tremors when unearthing this information. For some inexplicable reason, they’ve been paid high amounts to continue their search.
Attacking Style: Defensive, attempts to disarm rather than to strike.
Weapon of Choice: Battleaxe. …But something is just not right about that eye.