[DISCUSSION] Chaos 2 - Should I Actually Remake It?

This was a game I hosted in the past after the first Chaos happened and I was wondering.

Should I finally remake this game?

I see a reason in finally remaking Chaos 2, as I did kinda promise it a while ago, and now I finally have motivation and free time to do so.

Post your opinions here and what you feel I should do for it.

this would be epic


Honestly, just try it with ideas people think up now

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A major problem with Chaos originally is that a majority of roles were entirely self resolving

But I’m really self-resolving, though.


make upick

That’s just SFoL 00

/vote Alice

claims to be self-resolving, last time she claimed to be self-resolving she did not flip town

SFoL 00 is wack
Also cool

You’re on trial for murder
You claim self resolving

Instant not guilty

The point I’m making is that Chaos worked for its time
It doesn’t work now

It was still p bad

You don’t know what I’m capable of wasting my time on.

The whole point of chaos is for chaos you wouldn’t expect in my eyes.

Make fol all Any Thats chaos

One thing I had an idea of doing is- Well actually… it’s a secret.

Does anyone know everyone who’s on the review team?

raises hand

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Chaos 1 was p fun

Had some good reads and was finally the most confirmable BD class in the game

It was going well

Are you still on it?


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