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Discourse Feedback [Important]


Hey other users of #forum-matches, I was wondering what your least favorite parts of using Discourse for forum games are. I have some ideas of my own, but I want to be sure I don’t miss anything. So respond with anything you think makes forum games more difficult due to being on Discourse.


Trying to quote on mobile in general.


Not being able to efficiently ISO people, at least to my knowledge.


On mobile, search “@[UserName]”

On PC, click their name then click “filter topic to only their posts” or whatever


I know how to do it on PC, I just never learned how to do it on mobile.


Click on the search button next to the title and then type in @(personyouwanttoISO)

(Even though orange said it already)


I know what he was saying I was just saying that I never learned how to do that before this thread.


The new taskbar fade when scrolling down

Its one more step for me to do when I need to quick quote


Yep I agree and that is what sparked this discussion


@Margaret @Pug @GamerPoke @Blizer @PokemonKidRyan @Ashe yo there’s a fix for this, wanna help me see if we can get Xblade to install it