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Discord > Forum > Reddit


This is the order of priority to get news, event info, etc.

  1. Discord @ (Don’t miss out!)
  2. Forum @ … well, you know ;p
  3. Reddit @
  4. Twitter @

You will notice I didn’t write down Steam discussions – if I had the option, I’d disable it completely ~


You have a Reddit?


Why is the official forum not the first place like what

Discord buries stuff over time and it’s completely unsorted




Yeah I agree tbh, Discord it’s much harder to find relevant information. Here you can order it all and it doesn’t get buried.



I didn’t even know we were releasing winrate stats

Why is that not on the forums

This is literally the perfect place for that


It’s always been first priority ~ there are 13k players in the Discord and #news rarely gets bumped. Not sure what you mean by organized, though: The forum announcements are similarly dumped under #official-tol-announcements ~

I like the forum, but it’s definitely 2nd.

There are more players gathered in the Discord and Boslof doesn’t have time to post it to every social site we have ~ it’s faster/easier and people often repost.


The forum has much better search options, and if you wanted to you could split #official-tol-announcements into subcategories like #patch-notes and whatnot very easily

Actually, take that as a suggestion :slight_smile:


Obviously not here :slightly_frowning_face:


The main reason for Discord being #1 is the sheer number of people there and the ease it takes for us to do it ~ if we had to post everything everywhere, we probably wouldn’t post it. Because it’s so accessible / super quick, we’re able to post more things in Discord.


Having search options doesn’t mean better ones lol

But yeah the people thing makes sense - maybe set up a bot to go from one to the other though, so you only need to post it once? :wink:


We have a bot that goes from forum >> to Discord, but again that accessibility thing - we post a lot of microdetails that aren’t as important here and would get spammy, defeating the purpose of a forum vs Discord that’s better meant for that kind of stuff.

We’ll try to remember, but Discord will always be #1 – if you want the main gist, patch notes will always be here. If you want all news and want to never miss any, Discord #news is king.


Yea I didn’t know you guys were on anything besides Discord and the Forums


Fair enough – I just added Reddit to the top desktop bar


Actually, I’ll add Twitch, too. (EDIT: Done)


Where is the link to the forum?


I still think that a decent amount of the bigger announcements (the community tournament, for example) could be posted here and then linked in the Discord to greater effect - especially if the bot we already have just automatically posted all new posts made in #official-tol-announcements over in the Discord’s #news channel.

But hey, not my site :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop Shutting Down Feedback



Thank you @Ashe, very cool!