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Disastermind Rework


Here are some changes I propose in order to better deal with the failed convert problem (better than giving a random convert, I mean). I believe this version of Mastermind also sufficiently discourages whisper-king-meta.

The Mastermind

Unseen Special

Can’t Touch This (Passive): Death immune. You never appear suspicious to investigative abilities. Nobody can take your place. Once you’re dead, there is no more Mastermind.

Little Bird (Day Ability): At the start of the night, learn whether the people that whispered your target today are convertable.

Dirty Work (Day Ability): At the start of the night, become Assassin.

Convert (Night Ability): Convert a player to the Unseen (1-day cooldown).

Foresight (Night Ability): Learn a player’s converted class type.

The Cult Leader

Cult Special

Blood of Mithras (Night Ability): Gain 1 use of eradicate at the start of the night. The sacrificed player will die at the end of the night.
This ability is obsolete since players can now suicide.

Blood Test (Day Ability): If a player is bleeding, learn whether they can be converted.

Rupture (Day Ability): Cause a player to bleed, they will die in 2 nights unless healed.

Brainwash (Night Ability): Convert a player to the Cult (1-day cooldown).

Eradicate (Night Ability): Kill 2 players.


Don’t change little bird. I know you think it is enough given the whisper clause but you’ve really just nerfed foresight in situations where it does it’s job. Also it doesn’t solve the stated problem


Also given how day ability’s work, blood test can only be used when there is a Hunter who uses wolf


Is little bird infinite or still 2 uses

Also it’s really powerful in finding the NK if they ever whisper the king, which kinda sucks, as you learn that they’re not convertible, especially if they fake claim BD classes(as many do)


I’d say Little Bird would still be 2 uses.

I am aware of its potential to out the NK and I understand this is problematic, but if it stifles the whisper-king-meta as well as current Little Bird I don’t see it outing the NK before the NK is typically outed to Unseen anyway

It could be nerfed by seeing bearing Hunters as convert-immune, also note that it sees clearminded players as convert immune also


then the problem with only giving the conversion feedback at night is that you get less time to write(type?) it down and tell your unseen about it

I know some people who are pretty slow at typing, so it would be pretty bad for them

and how would a bearing hunter work

then that would just be info at the end of the night which is arguably even worse


It could be copy-and-pasteable, like regular chat messages.

You are right I did not think the Hunter bearing thing through :upside_down_face:

Also if Little Bird takes away too much from Foresight, then let Little Bird do nothing but tell MM whether a target is convertable or not. And let only Foresight reveal converted class.


Nope if there was never a new mm then unseen can get screwed over early even if they aren’t findable. Day system kinda worked but your mm or CL rework isn’t the way to go


Also keep in mind sorc can kill mm