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Disastermind & Little Tird


I think Little Bird seemed like a decent bandaid to WKM in theory, but it has in practice been an abysmal failure. Little Bird was supposed to stop mass claiming to the King (right?), but it seems to fly over the head of too many people that claiming to a possibly good king is not worth claiming to three (3) evils.

I propose making whispers “mechanically” or “directly” dangerous and less trustworthy and provide a direct way to stop them.


Contaminate (Day) - The next person to whisper your target, or be whispered by your target, will die in 2 nights to Plague without warning.


Ventriloquy (Day) - Trollbox a whisper from the first player to the second.


Reverse Echo (Day) - Reveal to the Unseen the contents of all past whispers.


Sonic Boom (Day) - Deafen a player, making them unable to read whispers for the rest of the day.


Cult Killer

Jinx (Day) - If the first player whispers the second, they will be cursed and die in 2 nights without warning unless healed.

Revenge (Night) - Attack someone who accused a Cultist of treason but did not vote to execute.

Martyrdom (Night) - Attack someone and commit suicide.

The Plaguebearer

Neutral Killer

Resistant (Passive) - You are immune to Plague. Getting attacked will cause you to bleed but not kill you.

Breath of Death (Passive) - An infected player will infect the first person they whisper to after getting infected with Plague, or the first person who whispers to them.

Blood-let (Day) - Transfer your own bleeding to someone else.

Adapt (Day) - Remove a player’s immunity to bleeding and Plague.

Infect (Night) - Curse a player with the Plague. They will die in 2 nights without warning unless healed.

Outbreak (Night) - Everyone who is bleeding or infected will die tonight.




Is heretic a suggested class?


I don’t think that whispers need this many counters, they just should have a new NE that has a passive to read all whispers. I do agree that they should have a TB for whispers though and I like the concept of plaguebearer.


My fucking god I just discovered today this thread isnt named “Diastermind”