Diplomat and Infiltrator(neutral)

The diplomat(unique)

Neutral social


Rented guard:Same as resolve and holy blessing,give one death immunity when attacked.

Royal:Can’t become the king.(he’s from another kingdom)

Day ability:

Diplomat twin:Two charges.Neut can finally twin as noble ay :smiley:

Private meeting:Usable when d4,Two charges.Chat with king in night time.

Night ability:

Telescope:Unlimited charges.Knows the target’s target and what notification he got that night.(include conversation,attacking.)

Lethal pills:Usable when n3,Two charges.Drugs a player,he will get a false notification of attacked and healed,will die tomorrow night.(can be healed and delay)(bypass knight and death immune)

Goal:The FIRST King’s faction must win

The infiltrator(unique)

Neutral offensive


Intelligent:The first attack to the spy will get occupied and spy will get notified(if two attacked him then will occupy those two that night.)(bypass occupy immune)

Infiltration mission:Can’t become king.(why when you infiltrating at a different kingdom and you wants to become king?)

Day ability:

Ballot mixing:Two charges.Same as pretender.

Private meeting:Usable in d4,two charges.Same as diplomat.

Night ability:

Hypnosis:Makes Target player get the opposite result using their ability and their ability won’t work.

For example:

Drunk(Redirect success)will become (Redirect failed).

Investigative result will get framed.

Attacking will get death immune result.

If chronomancer delayed a person but he did not die and chrono got hypnosis,chrono will think his target player did die but can’t use time transfer on time.

Prince,mystic,princess/duchess immune.

Lethal stabs:Usable at n3,Two charges.Stab a person and bypass death immune.

Goal:The FIRST King’s faction must lose.

P.S. there can be only one diplomat or spy in one game.

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I think the thing that needs rework the most is the abilities + goal synergy. It’s either BD or Unseen/Cult sided. What use would Infiltrator be to Blue Dragon if it roles Unseen/Cult King?



Hypnosis:Makes target gets opposite result(it won’t work now).

It also can hypnosis mm/cl I suppose so lol