DGADT FM - Voting Thread

Please cast all votes in this thread. They uh did this in like athens or something i’m not good at flavor.


I can confirm that they did, in fact, do this in Athens. Or something.


/vote apprentice

/vote Hippolytus

/vote Hippoboi

/Vote Hippo

Accused Voters No. of Votes
Hippoyeetus Wazza, Intensify, EVO 3/11
Apprentice Ash4fun 1/1

Orpheus had been to the underworld before, when he sang a song so beautiful in its’ sadness that the rocks formed a passage to bring him there, so he could be reuinted with his lover Eurydice. He is reuinted with them once more in the shaded paradise of Elysium, now he has died once more.

Theseus had also been to the Underworld before his death, but his visit was far less honourable. As a drunken bet, he and his centaur friend tried to kidnap Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, to take as their personal trophy, for various purposes. For this crime, he was frozen to a chair in the middle of the Fields of Asphodel, the grey lands which fray apart the souls of the mediocre. He was rescued by Heracles and died peacefully. Now he is dead once again- he should be lucky to be judged worthy of Elysium. Perhaps he will return to Asphodel once more- this time permanently.

/vote ash4fun

/vote Wazza

/vote Ash

/Vote Italy

/vote oB_L1ght

Accused Voters No. of Votes
Apprentice Ash4fun 1/11
Wazza Estel 1/11
ash4fun Intensify 1/11
Italy EVO 1/11
oB_L1ght Vulgard 1/11

If I somehow made an error, ping me. I’d feel real dumb if I did tho

/vote ModeShifter

/vote Italy

/vote Modeshifter

/vote ModeShifter

/vote Italy

/unvote Ash

/vote Maximus Prime