Developer Update 11/12/17

Currently the win rates for the 3 main factions are within 5% of each other. While the win rates are close, certain things can heavily influence the outcome of a game, so we’re currently working on minimizing the chances of that happening. We’re going to be testing several changes out on a test server over the next week, so we can get some additional feedback before rolling out a patch. (We have already chosen who will get into the test server. We will let them know when the server is ready.)

The Death Knight is going to be adjusted, so its impact is roughly the same throughout the game. It will still be better to use it later in the game than sooner no matter what the changes end up being, but shouldn’t have as large of an impact late-game.

The Cult is getting changed so their killing power is more consistent throughout the game.

The King’s Allies ability is going to be adjusted. At the moment it is leading to the death of every neutral that is found with the ability.

We’re aware that some classes aren’t very fun to play for many people, so we’re also working on improving that while trying not to impact the balance too heavily. We’ll be looking at the Court Wizard, Drunk, and Noble.

We’re adding a tutorial match to the game to help new players better understand the core mechanics of the game before going into their first match.

We also have been spending the past week making the lobby more stable with less timeouts and a more-reliable friends list. These upgrades will also be on the new test server.


So are there any details on the test server?

Thank god Allies is being changed :pray:


Noble wasn’t THAT boring. Maybe it’s because I hardly ever got noble?

People complained a lot.

As they always will, I guess.

I liked Noble, too ;D but I think the same thing. I’ve only played Noble twice, myself.

tbf this community has become whiny af in the last month


Ive gotten most of the new versions of classes, they are actually not as bad as people claim, but they could always be improved, a few are more useful late game and have little to do early on.

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Ikr. Even with all of my problems I still have a blast playing the game.

Can you say the NK win rates?

Welp looks like we are gonna get update anyways.

Did you have a problem with that?

I have no objections but at the same time nothing to like.

Sounds awesome. Is the bug with no feedback on an ability at the end of the day also getting looked into? Currently every few days a new Bug Thread is being opened for that.

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the problem I find with the cw and noble is their is nothing to do early game . which can end up being
n1 do nothing n2 do nothing n3 so nothing and dead

They are testing the update tho. Any major problem should be found out. They also told us that they do not see a balance problem with the Drunk, Noble or CW but a fun problem, and that they will be careful while changing them. I do see why some people do not like Noble, because you have little impact but are at the same time confirmed not assassin or MM(because abilities)…
CW can protect people and help people in getting charges, so that is not really a bad thing! I don’t find it boring.
Drunk has Happy Hour AND can protect. And it does get feedback(because it gets attacked).

I like the noble and the court wizard. People wanted to get court wizard to change and they somehow got it.

I liked it when it had the barriers as that protected from conversion

Well, there needs to be some cover for MM… so thats good, for CW. Noble is a different story, bad fakeclaim and boring. Definitely the class that could need some changes.

I’d disagree with this change. I think the Cult are fine as is, giving them more killing power in terms of say eradicate uses doesn’t really help enhance their current style of play. They work better making smart attack choices as opposed to killing every night.

The only buff to ‘killing power’ that would seem reasonable is giving CL better access to an empowered eradicate; this way Alch/Phys won’t just robotically heal all bleeding claims unless they want to face the risk of dying to an empowered attack.

Read carefully. He said more CONSISTENT killing power. Not more killing power period. That means that the KPN isn’t all over the place or something.