Definitely A Serious Pretender Rework

Prsonally, Ive always tought that Pretender shouold be abut pretnding to be things, and curretn Pretender dosen’t do tat! They just want to be knig, and tha makes no snense! i think they shuld have a gaol rework

so, ive made my own petrender rweork. I hope u enjoy!


Nuetral Killer
Night Immune // Occuppy Immune

Pretended (Passive) - u cannot claim Petrender or U DIE.IMPORTANT
Pretender Pressure (Day) - force someone to vote for somebody they don’t wat to

prison breakin (Day) - u can talk in Prince chat even if not jailed - 3 uses
mruder (Night) - kill a player, they die - oo uses
big mruder (Night) - kill a player, they die. u cannot be executed tommorow. can be used when jailed - `4 uses (because it’d be useless if they only had one uSE!!!)

u win when you kill everybody

leave fedback in com ments! CNONSTRUCTIVE FEDBACK ONNLY!!!


delete pretender

Greatest class I have ever seen