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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Rerolled - GAME END - BlueStorm and Squid win


Dang, Celeste, you seem to love my posts

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Yes. Yes indeed.

I really love how I didnt get pinged for the start of the reroll *which I thought got canned


But anyways

After reading the chat, I think that Maximus is Murderer/Accomplice


And what makes you think that?


His constant redirections and blatant misinterpretation of things to change the opinions of others


And the fact hes taking so long to rebute this despite being present is also noteworthy


Clue 2: Subdued

I assume this is the means then

Possible clues

Subdued Clues

BlueStorm: Chemicals, Trowel(if hit on the head?)
Geyde: Bat, Dumbbell
Maximus: Alcohol, Push
Marcus: Wine
Margaret: Pillow
Luxy - Hammer, Metal Wire
Insanity - Punch, Kick

If we only look at the people who had Female items as well, then the list is reduced to

R2 List

BlueStorm: Chemicals, Trowel(if hit on the head?)
Geyde: Bat, Dumbbell
Marcus: Wine

Also I guess we’re not playing it like the board game version since it’s already the second round?


and then he ignores it.


Welp squid, you seem to be cleared of being the murderer :confused:


Why would perfume subdue someone tho


Lol wut?

I’m literally already cleared from the round 1 clue you fucking idiot


Stop with this trash angleshooting.

I was clearly typing a list then went back up to see what I missed


Also Maximus, commonly your items are interpreted as female too, the items in question being eggs, and the tie in more “…” situations. I don’t think I need to imply why?

Are you intentionally ignoring those facts?


Such a bad reason, especially for someone who wasted time waiting for you to post only to see you stop on and on multiple times


I’m more leaning you to be the accomplice for the reaction towards that


What I think Marl’s thought process was if you are the murderer

He associated eggs with women’s cooking but realized that the clue went over the heads of the investigators in Round 1 and decided to go with a more obvious approach by isolating you specifically with the large number of possibilities. As the blood release is ALSO counted as a “subdue” item.

If you were accomplice, you were likely trying to contrast with PoisonedSquid, the most likely for being murderer


Now I understand why you have that title…

If I was the accomplice, which I’m not(although I was it before the reroll) then why would marl waste his clue trying to frame me??? Literally gamethrowing, just like you if you’re not accomplice


Nvm, I think I got the meaning of subdued wrong.


You’re misreading “Towel” as Trowel btw

Just to let you know

I think I’m picking this up now, a little


Also I’d like to add Geyde’s “bury” to that list as well, since it hardly fits in with any of the other “in progress” things

If I’m reading into it correctly that is