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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Rerolled - GAME END - BlueStorm and Squid win


Murderer has a means and a clue card that are real.

Forensic Scientist knows who murderer is, and what means/clue are. They selected Female, so they are giving the clue that the means/clue cards that the murderer chose were female related.

This narrows down our search.


Right, I get it a bit more now.

So why have people completely ignored the means cards then, aside from a small mentioning of the games console?


Because the means cards themselves don’t have as much relation to females compared to the clues cards


I think the key to this murder is gloves


I see :stuck_out_tongue:

What did you think about it though?




…Did you seriously not read the rules?


Why’d you join this then

You also had almost 24 hours to read this

Pls read quickly rn k thx >.>



You’re the one with gloves tho


You’re saying that ur murderer




What kind of gloves, Sherlock? :thinking:



but wouldn’t that be too obvious?




These gloves?


why do you keep saying only gloves




Round 1 has ended. Meaning that round 2 has started.

More ideas have come to the forensic scientist’s mind about this murder.

Marl must place the marker on one of these

In Progress Marker Placement
Subdued Yeet

(I’m pretty sure this means what was going on when the murder happened)

Round 2 will end in 48 hours. (it’s been changed a lot so then my sleep schedule might possibly be less fucked)

Small reminder that the murderer instawins if nobody guesses correctly by the end of round 3.


Btw if you want to make an official guess.

Use /badge token. murderer, means card, clue card

Be careful with using this though. You only have 1 use of it.


Recap of all marker placements


@Margaret Please respond to this prod in 12 hours or you will be replaced.

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Subdued - Perfume?