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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Rerolled - GAME END - BlueStorm and Squid win


Possible feminine items
Bluestorm - Stockings, Cosmetic Mask, Leather Bag
Geyde - High Heel
Squid - Perfume, Necklace
Marcus - Wine, Powder? (Makeup powder)
Luxy - Tea Leaves (More female associated)
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Any situation where a video game console could be used?


I’m not sure, males more commonly play video games, but I wouldn’t use it as an indicator since I believe there is an increase of female gamers


Have you never seen movies with old men drinking tea? (Cough Uncle Iroh cough) I think my list is better ngl… Susp on squid


Squid is scum because they are trying to insert in flaky means to fuck up our PoE.

I’d peg them as accomplice for this imo


Btw I think you forgot the model on Marcus…


Powder doesn’t have a specification tied to it. I doubt Forensic would choose Female to represent that.

Tea Leaves could work (considering it isn’t tied to any one specification).

Wine doesn’t work. It would be far more likely if one of the means was wine for the marker to be on Middle-aged.


If Squid is accomplice then that leaves Blustorm, you, and Marcus left as the murderer

List of Female Clues

Bluestorm: Stockings, Cosmetics mask, Leather bag
Geyde: High heels
Squid: Perfume, Necklace
Marcus: Model, Powder

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Scum have more preference inherently towards more non-specific choices, given the manner of the game. But I digress. Wine.


Powder is pretty female imo, can’t really think of anything else unless you think it’s cocaine or something

Now, who do you think is the murderer?


I think it’s cocaine.

Need to see more from Blue before making a decision, but…

Big IIoA ping here.


The addition of powder is the use of the “out of the box” method, I thought you encourage that kind of thinking, Max :thinking:




Saying powder is non gender specific is shutting down ideas, not bringing new ones into play

Squid is 10x scummier now…


When I do something, it’s suspicious, but when you do the same thing, it’s nothing big, hypocrisy at its finest


Pretty sure one of Maxi/Squid is scum.

Doesn’t feel like I v I


Squints in not knowing what the fuck anything means




I’m trying. I don’t understand this at all.


I feel a frustration similar to Marl in Homestown, I imagine.