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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Rerolled - GAME END - BlueStorm and Squid win


Finally you say something that makes sense


I’m stuck at a Christmas celebration at the moment.

I’ll be free in an hour


I think insanity would be more likely to be accomplice than murderer, as he has no female items

He kinda seemed to be covering for squid tho?


Christmas celebration this early? Well, alright then

Hope to see you soon possible murderer :eyes: Geyde




Can you perhaps only communicate with SpongeBob screenshots? :thinking:



because it could lead to unintentional infoslips


Guys, I found an image of the victim


thats marl irl


Oh shit, I must have gotten those mixed up, here’s the real image


Can’t be, Patrick doesn’t have a squeaky voice

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I’d rather not say anything just yet, continue on.

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And why would you rather insist on being silent?


Bear with me

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Regardless we should also roll through the mean cards

anything that could be particularly used against a female that wouldn’t be used otherwise?


Although how do you kill someone with work


@Geyde it’s been over an hour, are you still there? Talk to us


killing someone isn’t gender specific, at least in my opinion

he has to use other cards for that


One thing to note is that just because you exclude something because it “isn’t womanly” doesn’t mean it can’t be in the final combination, but one item being womanly may have been used in conjunction with any of the other four items

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