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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Rerolled - GAME END - BlueStorm and Squid win


I wouldn’t specify those as gender specific as it seems that both genders use gloves equally


Murderer can use them to hide their fingerprints


Wait I thought scientists get to choose which order to use, right

Why does it have to start with identity that just makes things harder


Wait, it doesn’t have to mean that

We should think outside the box, so while Luxy may not necessarily be right(also no voting this game Luxy lmfao), we should still listen to various plausible ideas


I am right


Yes, but lack of fingerprints doesn’t identify the cause of death and the evidence left behind as there is no mention of fingerprints in the first place or lack there of

Although I still won’t think about ruling it out until the next card is posted and marked


Justing from the clue cards, the people with female items are:

Bluestorm: Stockings, Cosmetics mask, Leather bag
Geyde: High heels
Squid: Perfume, Necklace
Marcus: Model, Powder


She can also be drinking juice :thinking:
Though it is not plausible.


These 4 are the ones we should focus on for now(obviously)


omg bluestorm is the murderer


I drink juice


What where’d we get juice from

Marl’s clue was female???


I suggest you add wine to the list due to reasons I’ve already mentioned


Is this game like Cluedo?




Highly disagree here

Wine is NOT gender specific



Juice is not necessarily female though?


It’s not gender specific, but it’s more associated with females, not males


Juice is NGI (Not Gender Indicative)

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Since Marl sent this image.

Marl is now legally allowed to talk in thread.

Marl is just not allowed to disclose private information about the game.