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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Rerolled - GAME END - BlueStorm and Squid win


LMAO TF does this mean

Blue+Marg scumteam confirmed

Just cause I’m salty doesn’t make me scum, bucko


Sexist but true


Want us to list everyone person you’ve called possible accomplice to the amount of people you’ve called possible murderer?


You literally just contradicted yourself

You said I haven’t called ANYONE the murderer but you just switched it to “You called more people accomplice” so I guess it’s a Marg bluestorm scumteam

Found the answer guys

Fucking easy

Marg gave it all away



You called someone accomplice/murderer

Thats what I’m counting as possible murderer

One on both sides :woman_facepalming:


But if u so sure use a token


That’s not really a good idea, we still have no idea what the possible combination could be, so wasting it this early in the game is more harmful than good

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I can immediately think of two examples where you’ve not cared and been scum

RM2, and FWF

I’m saying you’re giving too many shits to be scum here.


Trying to bait me? Hmm so maybe geyde then


But then again this is just accusatory… You honestly think I’m murderer? OMEGALUL

Blue/Geyde and Marg


…No. That’s not what I’ve been saying at all. Where’ve you gotten that from?


That’s what you implied


That’s literally the opposite of what I implied.

I’m literally saying you care too much about this game, therefore it’s highly unlikely you are the murderer or accomplice


Celeste seems murderer tbh


Just so you know, I’m guessing immediately tommorow

I got the reactions I needed


So… died for a round?



Round 3 has actually started right now.

Round 3 has begun. This is the last round so please guess. If nobody guesses correctly. The Murderer and Accomplice will win.

It will end in 72 hours or when the murderer is guessed.

Marl must place the marker

General Impression Marker Placement
Cruel Nico Nico Nii

Command used to guess.

Do this via /badge token or /official guess

example /official guess MurderMan, Minecraft Pickaxe, Dirt Block


using a pickace to mine a dirt block OMEGALUL


How the hell is that any helpful?