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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Rerolled - GAME END - BlueStorm and Squid win


Bluestorm: Stockings, Cosmetics mask, Leather bag
Geyde: High heels
Marcus: Model, Powder

These would all fit female better than any of the other choices, as I have said before


Technically, tea is more associated with females, so I wouldn’t get rid of tea leaves, though gloves and cake are a bit questionable here


Anything with cooking is more female which means eggs aren’t off the table

I just think Maximus is trying to look like confirmed town


But otherwise, I have no comments


explain why marl specifically chose Female and not one of the other 5 cards he fucking has??

oh wait, marg is accomplice and trying to discredit the person who’s actually trying :thinking:

The only thing i’m good at is board games lmao


Why does everyone lose basic logic when playing something that’s not a FM

You have to see things from Marl’s perspective as well

And not just do things in your own weird, convoluted ways


28 hours left until end of round


Marl obviously chose female because cooking is the most associated thing for females


Well Marl knows everything about the case right?

So the most beneficial thing for him to do would be to place markers in a way that quickens the PoE.

So our thought has to be - under the assumption that Marl chose Female first because it was the one that would quicken PoE the best, who does that roll the most suspicion on?

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You or Squid based off item count alone

But, I don’t think Marl would base it off a subjugative topic like that


In any case I think it’s best in hindsight to save all of our guesses for the third round when we would have the most information.

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I’m aware I almost guessed in this round but that was due to me not reading what Geyde had properly.


(Also sorry if it takes some time for me to respond, currently at work, peeping in when I can)


Yes, yes indeed.

Hopefully we at least get a confirmed murderer as once we do, we can all technically guess the rest of the methods

Or we can use the Breakthrough method and confirmedly find the means


Has anyone ever noticed that Maxi has never really “called” someone out for being murderer

But has called multiple for being accomplice

According to a theory, people tend to avoid having to reject their identity, in this case, murderer

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Also why I’m death tunneling Maxi



But also, Maxi is infamous as scum for not giving a shit


Not writing him off as murderer, just something to keep in mind.

He’s like you but the opposite

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That’s sexist…

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Pretty sure geyde was the one calling people accomplice

And I have called people potential murderers smh

Now tell me, who are you covering for, accomplice?