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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Rerolled - GAME END - BlueStorm and Squid win


Wew, almost dove in headfirst with a guess until I re-read what Geyde had


Well shit, that makes a lot more sense


Thoughts on squid?


Bury would imply that they’re already dead unless you’re burying them alive


Begins the death tunnel


Better not be on me cause you’d be gamethrowing then




not entirely.

I’m sorta adjusting it to make it more fast paced.


but I’ll gladly extend the round if y’all want to 38 hours from now.


and well…
More forum friendly.


This game is a slow paced one.

Extending each day sounds decent.


And discussing each of the clues


Okay here are my preliminary thoughts from round 1, I’ve played this game a couple of times before, and I much prefer to play it as a logical deduction type one rather than a FM style social deduction.

Everyone’s mean cards are.

BlueStorm - Chemicals, Pistol, Crutch, Towel
Geyde - Bat, Dirty Water, Bury, Dumbbell
Livicus - Drill, E-Bike, Sulfuric Acid, Dagger
Maximus - Push, Box Cutter, Blood Release, Alcohol
Squid - Work, Match, Venomous Snake, Knife and Fork
Marcus - Video Game Console, Drown, Plastic Bag, Wine
Margaret - Chainsaw, Mercury, Pillow, Belt
Luxy - Hammer, Sculpture, Metal Wire, Virus
Insanity - Punch, Kick, Blender, Machete

Everyone’s clue cards are.

BlueStorm - Stockings, Cosmetic Mask, Leather Bag, Sand
Geyde - Timber, High Heel,~~ Air Conditioning, Flyer~~
Livicus - Computer, Mosquito, Note, Postal Stamp
Maximus - Eggs, Plastic, Tie, Leather Shoe
Squid - Vegetables, Perfume, Bread, Necklace
Marcus - Puzzle, Model, Mosquito Coil, Powder
Margaret - Map, Soap, Test Tube, Dirt
Luxy - Gloves, Cake, Tea Leaves, Menu
Insanity - Skull, Gear, Juice, Helmet

Preliminary POE


what’s the scratched out part for?


Basically cleared as being the first item


The mean and clue cards are separate though


Do note that just because it is scratched out doesn’t mean that it can’t be a part of the solution, but scratched X scratched will never be a part of the solution


how is an electronic bike subduing someone?


eggs and plastic are neither subduing nor female


all are non gender specific

if it was cake it would be more child/young adult

i would see gloves as more middle aged ngl(like yardwork and such)

tea leaves would be senior

thus by POE we can deduce that they are not the key evidence because other choices would fit them better