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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (10/10) - REROLL NEEDED



owo uwu owo


Classcards WILL be sent out now.

Nobody is to talk.


Update: I realised there were more cards.

I will update the thread soon.


Does anyone with the game able to list me all the Red cards?

Otherwise can someone try to find a decklist for the red cards online?

I only found the Blue Card decklist


I’ve decided that I’mma go on tabletop simulator and search through the cards there. so yeah


expect cards to be handed out a little later.


Aight for real classcards will be sent out.

Nobody is to talk while this is happening.


Btw all clue cards and stuff like that are visible to everyone.

I’ll tell you all who has which clue cards once I announce who the Forensic Scientist is and when all cards are handed out.


Alright. We have got our best Investigators in the area to Investigate a murder that they all were at the scene. It was a shame our victim had died. All of our Investigators we have here today are also prime suspects.

As the body is currently being researched by PoisonedSquid, the Forensic Scientist. Nobody knows who the victim truly was. We only knew that there was a murder in this local area.

Everyone’s mean cards are.

BlueStorm - Sulfuric Acid, Electric Current, Poisonous Needle and Kerosene
Geyde - Wire, Amoeba, Whip, Chainsaw
Livicus - E-Bike, Belt, Metal Wire, Mad Dog
Maximus - Ice Skates, Mercury, Gunpowder, Lighter
Marcus - Starvation, Dumbbell, Arson, Punch
Marl - Electric Baton, Trophy, Liquid Drug, Brick
Margaret - Box Cutter, Drill, Blood Release, Smoke
Luxy - Dirty Water, Towel, Bat, Sniper
Insanity - Work, Machine, Alcohol, Chemicals

Everyone’s clue cards are.

BlueStorm - Internet Cable, Leather Bag, Lunchbox and Luggage
Geyde - Eggs, Menu, Dog Fur, Mask
Livicus - Suit, Perfume, Syringe, Computer Disk
Maximus - Model, Ring, Invitation Card, IOU Note
Marcus - Powder, Rat, Tissue, Numbers
Marl - Signature, Badge, Love Letter, Book
Margaret - Note, Switch, Toy, Bracelet
Luxy - Oil Stain, Ice, Briefs, Diary
Insanity - Express Counter, Sawdust, Uniform, Envelope

The game will officially start once the murderer has selected the mean and the clue of the murder.

Additionally, please do not use Big Text Investigators. It is reserved for only me and Squid.


Please confirm your roles in classcards and if you are the murderer, select your two cards within 12 hours or they will be randomly picked


I killed the victim with dirty water


whacks Luxy with modhammer


Stop speaking


Game hasnt officially started yet


You’ll get it once the game truly starts


Also event cards are not in play here. fyi


also I’d like to say no /s needed.

This is my last post before the murderer selects their cards to be played

lol jk


sorry everyone.

but I’ll have to reroll.

I errored with the Witness.


Sorry everyone.


New thread will be up tomorrow. once I have time to reroll the entire game.