Death Road to Canada[RP/Game] Canned

Welcome to Death Road to Canada!

This is a game very near and dear to my heart. The premise is that you are a party on a road trip of up to four people trying to make it from florida to canada.

The only problem? Zombies. You have to battle through hordes and seiges to make it to the canadian border and reach saftety.

This is a RP, but it also is competitive. you can win this, and you can lose this. It’s not gonna be easy.


  • Game starts with 2-4 players and a cap of four. You can recruit new players in the event one of you dies. In the case of more than four signups, there will be a queue. Upon dying, you may still chat but will not control a charachter. New charachters can spawn and you will then control that charachter.

  • Everyone starts with a perk and a trait. These affect abilities and charachters. The trait will be random and the perk will be player-chosen. Two people cannot have the same perk or trait

  • Everybody starts in a random vehicle with 80 gas. gas is used to keep your car moving and can also be used with some weapons and events.

  • the party starts with a weak weapon, 5 food per person, 3 medicine and 80 gas, along with 2 flashlights and any other items that are given because of perks and traits. Each person needs 2 food a night(unless specified otherwise), otherwise morale takes a big hit.

  • There are skill and morale systems. For the reason of simplicity, there will be only a few categories. Each one is ranked from 1-6 and effects combat, events, or other things.

Stats(individual for each player)

[Morale] - The player’s morale. If this gets to 0, the charachter leaves the party. Also important for events.
[Strength] - Amount of damage you do for zombies, also relevant in some events.
[Fitness] - Ease of escaping from zombies and helps you get tired less easily.
[Shooting] - Gun skills(accuracy mostly)
[Medical] - Allows you to heal players with less medicine
[mechanical] - Allows you to fix the vehicle when needed, can also make weapons and important for events.
[Personality] - Very important for events, no effect on combat. A high personality helps you in events, and a low one lowers the party’s morale and hurts you in events.

Events are random things that happen while driving. These have different choices that can be made that can grant the party extra stat boosts, new recruits, items, and many more. These can be unfair and screw you over. that’s just life. 1 event will happen per place.

Always be looting: After an event, you will get an ABL choice. These are places where you can fight off zombies to get anything from food, to ammo, to weapons, to recruits. Combat works as the following.

There will be different buildings/rooms for people to fight in. Each person can only go into 2 different rooms(you can go together)

You will be able to tell how many zombies are in a room. You roll 1d6 + strength(or shooting if weapon is gun) + 1/2 fitness + weapon damage. If you exceed the number of zombies with your roll, you kill them, looting the room. if you do not, you lose a health. everyone starts with 3 health. health can be regained through the use of medicine during the day time.

Weapons will have a random hidden range of durability. Every combat instance will lower it by 1. The weapon will then proceed to break, rendering it useless. Be sure to bring a backup weapon if you can(but that reduces weapon carry slots)

you have a 1/2 chance of being trapped in a room after an injury. You will not have the option to leave the room in this case and will instead have to fight the zombies again without chance of retreat.

Guns are like melee weapons, but require ammo to use, don’t break, and can only be used a set number of times per encounter. They typically do more damage.


every once in a while the party will be forced into a seige. These are scenarios in which the party has to survive a certain amount of time. Each hour of the seige, the party will have to battle a horde of zombies. The parties total damage witll be added against the zombies. If the party fails, they will all take a point of damage.

Once the seige is over, you get to choose a boost for having survived the seige.

Example stuff.


You are:

Example Mann

[Perk] - Fighter: Start with a hatchet , Gain 1 point in strength, Gain 1 point in shooting
[Trait] - Charming: From perception of others, a good attitude, and pure charisma, there’s something about this person that opens doors! Charms way into free stuff or out of bad situations, Can’t charm way out of everything.


Stat Level
Morale 3
Strength 4
fitness 3
Shooting 4
Medical 3
Mechanical 3
Personality 3

Example Party Item count:

Item Number
Food 22
Gas 141
Medicinel 2
Ammo 7

Example Weapons(Trunk):

You have

Stick [1 damage, 3-5 durability, level 1 fitness required to use]
Flashlight (x2)
Pistol(3 ammo per combat max)
Machete[5 damage, 10-15 durability, level 4 fitness required to use]

Example Event:

You encounter bandits forming a roadblock on the bridge. They refuse to let you pass! What do you do?

  • Fight it out
  • Take a Detour(50 gas)
  • Plow through them!
  • [Player A] Tries to charm them

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Example Always Be Looting:
The party arrives at a small town. You have a few places to go. There is:

3 Rooms[House, House, Special selection]
Zombie amount: Low.

Where does the party want to go

  • Resturaunt
  • Gun Store
  • Anime Store
  • Skip this phase(Go to night event)

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Bandit: Being untrustworthy can be an asset in the post-apocalypse.

  • Rip others off
  • Rip the group off
  • Ticking time bomb

BERSERK! Destroy all zombies! Never retreat! Oh no, I got bit!

  • 4 extra points to strength, fitness, and shooting!!
  • Can go one over the maximum for the above stats!!!
  • Super low personality stats! Dies in one bite!!

Calm Under Fire Calm and collected. Useful when firing into a horde!

  • Very calm due to high composure[Plus 1 personality]
  • 1 extra point in shooting

Charming From perception of others, a good attitude, and pure charisma, there’s something about this person that opens doors!

  • Charms way into free stuff or out of bad situations
  • Can’t charm way out of everything

Civilized Retains old values before world went crazy. This is good and bad.

  • Super high personality stats!
  • 3 points to medical and mechanical skills!!
  • Permanent and significant morale penalty!!

Fierce Tempered Someone’s got a bad temper! The aggression can come in handy.

  • 1 extra point in strength
  • Bad Personality due to low composure
  • Temper can sometimes be good

Frantic Whiner Kind of a fragile sort. But really good at fleeing!

  • High fitness bonus!
  • Takes one less hit than normal
  • Bad attitude

Inventive Comfortable with machinery, such as cars.

  • 2 points mechanical!
  • Smart

Irritating This person thinks they’re soooooo cool. But they’re not! They’re just annoying!

  • Tell people to Cool it
  • Anger pretty much everybody

Mysterious Past This person… has a mysterious past…

  • 3 points given to fight skills[Strength fitness shooting] at random
  • Randomized and extreme personality!

Nurturing Always thinking of others! Somehow not zombie food yet.

  • 2 points medical!
  • Great attitude!
  • May be an act

Oblivious A great outlook on life combined with not being very perceptive allows for some magical feats of denial!

  • May ignore despair
  • Slightly annoying personality

Paranoid A combination of high perception and extreme pessimism lets someone brace for the worst!

  • May identify traits in new recruits
  • Always on the lookout for danger
  • Can be a real grumpus

Practical Has a variety of useful skills, but is kind of boring.

  • 3 points given to fight skills at random[Shooting fitness strength]
  • 3 points given to support skills at random[Mechanical Medical]
  • Boring personality

Resilient Type Really tough! The muscle! Not a long term planner.

  • Takes one more hit than normal
  • Bad wits[Lower personality]

Warrior Good start on zombie thwacking skills, with a nondescript personality.

  • 2 points more strength!
  • 2 points more fitness!
  • Boring personality


Athlete An athletic past translates well into zombie survival.

  • Start with a random sports weapon
  • Gain 1 point in fitness
  • Gain 1 point in strength

Big Bruiser Moves slow, hits real hard, takes a beating!

  • Start with a better unarmed attack
  • Take one more hit than normal
  • Not very fit
  • Gain 1 point in strength

||Car Nut|Being a car enthusiast is practically a superpower now!

  • Start with a nicer car
  • Gain 1 point in mechanical|

||Explorer|Some people have a really good sense of direction when driving!

  • One extra location choice during ABL events|

Fighter This person has always been a real fighter.

  • Start with a Hatchet
  • Gain 1 point in strength
  • Gain 1 point in shooting

Gun Collector You knew hoarding all those guns would be useful! Eventually. You just knew it!

  • Start with a Pistol and Ammo
  • Gain 1 point in shooting

Gungineer Good with anything mechanical, and guns are mechanical.

  • Start with a Crowbar
  • Gain 1 point in shooting
  • Gain 1 point in mechanical

Health Care Jerks get bit by zombies all the time. Better be prepared!

  • Start with 4 Medicine
  • Gain 1 point in medical

Martial Artist No weapons? No problem!

  • Start with a Powerful unarmed attack
  • Refuses to use firearms, chainsaws, and some others
  • Gain 1 point in fitness, 1 in strength

Mechanic The car is life! Note: Not necessarily a COMPETENT mechanic.

  • Start with a Wrench
  • Gain 1 point in mechanical
  • Gain 1 point in fitness

Megabuff Possibly too swole to control. Handy for picking up and throwing heavy furniture!

  • Start with a Metal Pipe
  • Gain 2 points in strength

Surgeon Has a good intuition of anatomy and a real steady hand.

  • Start with a Scalpel
  • Gain 1 point in medical
  • Gain 1 point in shooting

Ultrafit All that yoga really paid off!

  • Start with granola bars (+2 food)
  • Gain 2 points in fitness

The party has to make it 10 days and nights to go to canada. Good luck!

There it is. Signups accepted. Spectating and backups also accepted.


  1. Magnus
  2. Geyde
  3. Boss110



To Canada!

is that an in?

Naw, too many games

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Geez that’s lots of text.

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It’s waaay easier to understand if you’ve played the game.

and it’s not as complicated as it seems(I just wanted to not leave any holes)


I’m feeling too afraid to in.

Don’t be.

it’s acutally fairly simple and pretty fun.
It should be sorta similar to kyo’s game, i just wanted to explain everything in detail.

You can watch people play the game or get it yourself. It’s fairly easy.

The first vid to show up when you search it.
This should give you an idea of what the game will be like.

Okay. I’ll /in

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Fuck yes

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I may or may not have like 200 hours on DRTC

I have 61 on my current acc, and at least 50 more have been played with my neighbor on his acc(another DRTC addict)

I did however lose all of my progress a little while back due to a bug on mac(known problem). But I beat marathon mode with him on his PC last summer.

I’d probably link him to this if i weren’t mortified if anyone saw this forum.

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I remember fighter perk being really OP early game

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bippity bump.

I need one more signup before I can post the classcards and First ABL location.

If anyone wants to /in please create a message with me and choose a perk so i can start the game as soon as I wake up.

Taken perks.

Car nut.

If I wasn’t in so many damn games I would in


Question: How will rare characters work?

Sorry, player cap is at 4.

You could always backup or spec.

Also rare characters may show up but will be host-created.

You may also expect familiar characters.