Death note saves implementation idea

Ok so first of all, somewhere in the local game files there is your stored death notes.

While in game and looking at a deathnote (even someone elses) you have a save and a load option.

Pressing save will immediately download the deathnote to your computer.

Pressing load will give up a submenu with all of your deathnotes. The submenu is sorted by recency with a sub-sub section for stared DN’s.

What this means is that you can quickly switch between multiple different deathnotes mid game. So for example if you are possessor you could copy the DN of the knight you possessed for a knight and then quickly switch back to your possessor DN when you are trying to be fancy or whatever.

The submenu can be accessed out of game in order to favorate or delete certain deathnotes for whatever reason


I looked for them. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough

Looked for what?

Oh no. This isn’t actually in the game right now. I just want it to be

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only downside i see is everyone will use automated deathnote drawers so every deathnote will essentially be an uploaded .png

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Doesn’t sound like a downside to me

okay maybe not, remains to be seen

Downside: it will no longer be YOUR deathnote, it will be YOUR COMPUTER’S. This means anyone else logging in from your pc will have your deathnote and you won’t have your deathnote if you log in from another pc.

Even though we legally have the right to do this, we wouldn’t let people steal others’ art and post it as their own in future games. That’d be disrespectful to actual good artists.

A note about this whole idea (@Kape mentioned this on discord) : Using the same save saved deathnotes means people will spot you a lot easier anyway.

Last, please check the #feedback-discuss channel on discord. I had already answered to this suggestion in there. Check the pinned messages.

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Actually seeing that is what spurred me to make this post.

Personally, while I get why you might I don’t consider what you mentioned to be serious problems.

You already got your answers, so there was literally no reason to make this thread~

Do I NEED a reason?

And here I stood and thinking, the Feedback/Suggestion section was here to help to make the game better

I don’t see any other thread on the forum describing this idea. I think warding off a detailed feedback suggestion is a mistake.

I think you’re mistaken, if you don’t see that this is that thread’s intent.

As for the feature, I never did anything with deathnotes, so I don’t see much value in it and I’d rather have development time spend elsewhere. :man_shrugging:

Pretty sure there are multiple threads about this idea, just not recently. It’s a really popular idea since beta.

Yeah this was more about the specific implementation rather than pretending that it’s a new idea.

Setting the prerequisite of having to view all feedback given before as a burden on anyone that potentially wants to give feedback is also not desirable in my opinion. If more threads pop up over time, it gives a better indication of how wanted it is anyways. This level of detail is also hard to push under being “the same idea”.

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Plus what I specifically saw you address regarding DN’s was basically “too much work to store on our servers”. Since this is supposed to be a local solution that doesn’t apply.

I meant looking for the stored Death Notes in the local game files

^ This can be solved with a togglable option to stop people from doing art theft.

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