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Dead not being revealed


What happened?

I exed a player as prince but we didn’t see there role reveal until after the game was over. A couple other players who died also didn’t get revealed properly as they died. There name appeared as if they were alive but were unselectable for votes/abilties. Game took place around 11: 40-11:54 us central time on 3/29/19

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

there role should be revealed upon death and other such indications that they are dead.

Steps to reproduce:

since this is a death reveal issue not sure how I can reproduce this other than play more.


The main issue was not knowing the factions of several dead players and not knowing how many unseen/evil roles were left.


Just had another game where it happened to other people. Even had an nk claim he was trying to kill 10 not me but I somehow died (I was pretender king so he could win with me).


The game is having some extra issue after the 2.2A patch. We will let XBlade know and fix that as fast as we can to solve it. Sorry for all of that unwanted bug in your game. I appreciate your working in finding bugs/issue.