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Day 1 mass claims are optimal play for Blue Dragon


both sheriff claims are expected to scout and invest the other, so if you kill one and he’s gucci you can read in his logs the other is too


Paladin outs d1

What do


No, if there is no Hunter, Prince could safely claim it, if there is one. It’s a massclaim… we assume the hunter has already outed, so it’s not a counterclaim. Prince can still backtrack to Prince claim and no one is going to counterclaim a Prince claim, because that’s self-resolving, so there is no issue with Prince claiming Hunter.


CW is expected to swap D1 Paladin claims IMO


And then they can safely convert the other sheriff, because there is no one scouting him anymore. :eyes:


Say hello to ritualist


And if there is no cw due to randomness

There’s also the chance of SS spawn


say hello to only 25% chance of rit

edit: or 33% whatever xD


You can make up all these expectations as a formula to success, but the developers would just change them to make them either change or unable to exist anymore.

This game is not and shouldn’t be, follow these list of actions and you will win the game as town.

There is still a modicum of scumreading in there.


The obvious fix to this egregious 25% chance is to add in Acolyte

Then it would decrease by 5%, becoming 100% fair


Suicidal Accusing is the solution to open paladin claims


CS needs to be buffed to be available on n1 so we can kill those pesky d1 paladin claims


I completely agree but I think the game currently favors mass claims anyway, it just isn’t done for whatever reason

also I’m not insinuating mass claims eliminates social deduction, just that it helps it


Its interesting, open/semi-open role madness generally bust when massclaiming occurs. I think it would certainly reduce the amount of social deduction and turn it more into a logic puzzle

Ie you can immediately PoE where scum are based on claims


Except you can’t because conversion


Sure, but you take converted peeps as they come


not if they fuck you up first


Is Mass claiming the best play? if everyone contributes and claims, yes.

If not you’re just opening up certain people to convert

Do you have enough time for this in ToL? No, never. You only have like three minutes per day.


I wonder what exactly is in some people minds in seeking potential gamebreaking strats and after some time complain about it majority of players are doing same thing.

I’m not talking about name of this topic specifically, more general.