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Day 1 mass claims are optimal play for Blue Dragon


Not necessarily honest claims (Prince could claim Hunter, for instance) but something specific.

Prove me wrong :upside_down_face:


I have a feeling this thread’ll be fun to watch.


Oh look that sheriff claimed

Good bye sheriff hello marshal


I love claiming ek as gk d1


The sheriffs can scout each other


It really helps BD trust me


not if one of them is a “sheriff”


Oh hi there Prince. :eyes:

Grabs scythe


I was right.


Grabs Merc


Prince fake claiming just leads to CC’s. Especially if it’s Hunter.


If neither sheriff accuses the other next day, that’s a good indicator both are fake


With a massclaim, that wouldn’t be an issue though.


Or they are both legit and you have 2 mislynches.


We both know that isn’t actually true


It would if the Prince is claiming Hunter


only 1 mislynch at most


no 2. Cuz if you assume at least 1 is scum then you would lynch both


This thread will be arguing with a brick wall


That’s what makes it fun