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Davy Jones [Joke Class Suggestion]


Davy Jones

Neutral Killer

I Am The Sea (Passive) - You will see the visits of players bearing the Black Spot.

Dead Man’s Chest (Passive) - You will survive all forms of death as long as the player carrying your heart survives.

Bury Treasure (Night) - Transfer your heart to another player, or yourself.

Black Spot (Night) - Give a player the Black Spot, allowing the Kraken to bypass their death immunity.

Release The Kraken (Day) - Consume any number of dead players to have as many living players attacked tonight. Does not count as visiting. Consumed players cannot be reused.

Gamble (Day) - Reverse the outcome of your own trial. If you’re pardoned, you cannot be put on trial again that day.

Liar’s Dice (Day) - [Replacing Gamble with something closer to an actual game of Liar’s Dice.] Select as many players as you like when you are on trial. You will ensure you get pardoned only if all the players you selected voted the same, and all the selected players’ votes coincide with the majority vote, and the number of selected players is greater than the number of players who voted with the minority. Abstains count in your favor, meaning if you select 3 executes and 1 abstain, the abstain will count as an execute. If you wager wrong, you will be executed regardless of how the majority voted.

Down! (Night) - Take down everyone bearing the Black Spot, including yourself, to Davy Jone’s Locker. They will appear to have died tomorrow morning, but they will be able to chat among themselves and with you. You decide what class you appear to be as when your class is revealed the morning you enter the Locker.
Locked players appear to be dead to the living, cannot use abilities, cannot communicate with the living, nor vote, nor be voted against, nor targeted by abilities.
The next morning, all Locked players will resurface and the court will be notified their debt has been paid to Davy Jones.


Gamble needs ten uses imo seems a little up