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Dark Heresy [Signups thread]


So… here it is. New RP, hosted by me with help from @Geyde.

Dark Heresy is a RP set in the Warhammer 40k universe.
I will be using the 2nd edition rule book.


Maximum number of players: 5.

Character creation errata: Instead of rerolling one selected stat, I will give you 3 full set of stats to chose from.

As long as I won’t require to know whole rulebook by heart, I would strongly recomend to at least know own character abilities.

Signup list:

  1. PoisonedSquid
  2. Kai
  3. BlueStorm
  4. JamieLanger

(I do accept any and all expansions. Enemy within, enemy without, enemy beyond etc.
That’s if someone wants to go very creative in character creation.

And yes, I offer my help in character creation, obviously.




Hmm x2


Hmm x 3
I’ve never played a Warhammer game before, so I might need help with character creation when the time comes, but other than that, I’m in


As of the universe… do you remember the warhammer fantasy?

Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Orcs, Chaos etc.?
I made a FM in that universe.

Now move it 40k years into the future with space ships and stuff.

That’s more or less it.


Yes, that includes orcs with jet packs.

Or something that to them is a jet pack, but it’s more like… a rocket tied to an orc. Or orc tied a rocket.
Hard to say wich one, but it apparently works. Somehow.


I like a rocket hitting an Orc better





Funny fact:

Orcs has so far surpassed the saying
“We have more soilders than you bullets”
that it’s valid to say about them instead:
“We have so many soilders that we use them as bullets instead”

And noone would argue.


Then we have like eldars, wich are kinda like dark elfs, low in numbers, long-lived, with strong psionic powers, hating humanity for very aggresibe explansion.

And… many others actually.


If I happen not to have enough time I’ll probably give priority to my GURPS campaign
Also I’m ultra bad at sci-fi names :^}


:thinking: Illuminati Confirmed



sadly i don’t know enough about the warhammer universe and quite frankly am not sure if i have the motivation to do this so I’m just going to watch


I mean, I’m offering you free introduction to both universe and RPG system itself.




can i join if im allowed to remove kebab


also taking the holy land


yes deus vult


fools, we are the holy land