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Danganronpa Transfer RP


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hope’s Peak Academy!

As a school filled with gifted individuals, we have always strived to have the best of the best enrolled in our highly successful academic program. To further improve that philosophy, we have decided to have students from all over the world transfer here. With an increased diversity in the roster, more lives will be impacted by the Ultimates and their wonderful contribution to society. Currently, we are still looking for potential students who would like to partake in the upcoming school year. Here’s how the process is done.

How to enroll in the Hope’s Peak Transfer Program
Discord Server:
First, you must join the Discord server where you will be placed in as a numbered Ultimate. You will be given a spam and notes channel. In your spam channel, you must create a character using the template shown here:

Character Sheet Template

Darkest Secret:
Important People:
Life Goal:
Prized Possession:
Background (Optional):
Photo Reference:
Color for your name:

Once your character has been accepted, the sheet will be posted in your notes and they will be listed in the “Enrolled Students” channel.

Now that you know how our recruiting system works, let’s talk about how the students of Hope’s Peak live out their daily lives.

Daily Life
Your notes and spam channels are still vital after you created your Ultimate. How? Here’s an explanation. The spam channel is used to type in commands for the Dyno bot for you to move between rooms and interact with certain objects. You can also chat with staff there if you have any questions. The notes channel is for well… notes. Make sure you put down info you want to remember on there so you don’t forget it. Day and night phases will be dictated by announcements given throughout the school. During the day, you can interact with other students and maybe even the staff as long as you follow the rules. You can also interact with others during the night, but that would be ill-advised as sleep is important and the possibilities of what could happen if you’re alone in the dark are endless. Don’t worry though, the bedrooms have locks on them.

Well, looks like that’s all we need to cover about our wonderful new transfer program. With all these new students, the strength of hope will- Wait! Who are you?! Stay away from me! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Hello? Is this thing on? I guess so since that flashing green light is still on. Anyway, it seems there’s a few things that were missed. Hope’s Peak isn’t just a school for Ultimates, it’s also where you’re going to play a game. A killing game, that is! Hahahaha! I sure love the bloody nostalgia!

Committing a Murder
In order to kill a fellow student, you must contact the staff in the spam channel your murder plan. If it is accepted, you can follow through with said plan. If your plan is not accepted, then you may not commit the murder. This is to make sure there aren’t too many murders happening at once. To make your plan more likely to be accepted, it’s recommended that your plan is more complex or interesting. You have a crowd to please, don’t you? Hehehe. Once you have murdered one or two people, you will be considered the blackened. You may have an accomplice, but only you will become the blackened.

Investigations and Class Trials
Once a body has been found, an investigation will begin to figure out how someone died and who the killer (Or the blackened) is. After an amount of time has passed, the remaining students must enter a room to conduct a class trial. In a class trial, the students discuss who they think the blackened is based on the evidence they found during the investigation phase. False evidence cannot be given, but lies are more than acceptable. Once discussion is over, the students must vote on who they think the Blackened is. If the majority guess correct, only the Blackened will be executed. However, if the majority guess incorrectly, everyone besides the blackened will be executed and the true culprit will graduate from Hope’s Peak Academy.

This is going to be so much fun! I know you won’t be disappointed! Sayonara! Adios! Au revoir! Ciao! See you there, hehehe.