Danganronpa Misc - Interest Check


I had the idea of making a Danganronpa misc, thought I would see how people would respond. Realise that it won’t be exactly like the games

Ah shit, here we go again
Fastest /in of the west

I never played the games so…
I can try this.





I’d be interested. It depends on what the game’s mechanics are


Someone tell vulgard there’s a danganronpa misc interest check on ze forums



Love how


What else am I supposed to say?

I’d prob be in

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I didn’t say in, I said I’d be interested :wink:

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Guys. If we sign a petition we can force Magnus to host now.

  • Start it now Magnus

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Light why?

Why not

You can’t play if you don’t sign the petition.

oh shit now i gotta /in

this is official petition.