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Danganronpa - Hope's Pug Academy (FULL) (16/16)




Isn’t it more reality-based then game based?

Like I could put my points all in this and still decied to just stab someone.


eevee. unfortunately. we’re full


uh huh


It’s the italicization


Wait what.

There was empty slot when I signed up (slot 3 wich someone outed) and Margaret was last one to sign in and was already in.



@Pug more people = more betterer


PKR subbed in for Nerbins in the discord earlier, I guess Pug wasn’t on to update it maybe?


ok eevee.

You are now the 16th student.



16th student is you.


eevee doesn’t exist :’)


that means you can be killed without any repercussions


Eevee is the secret unkillable NPC who just stands by repeating the same three lines