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Danganronpa - Hope's Pug Academy (FULL) (16/16)


Welcome To Danganronpa: Hope’s Peak Academy

Yes this is Hope’s Peak. but it’s an alternate universe version.

I am asking for a cohost who actually knows how this works. I am not sure how the stats work as I forgot how they work.

Discord Link:

Game Set up

  • Each player will name their character.
  • Each player much choose a skill or attribute to be ‘Ultimate’ of - this must be unique to you, and cannot be the same as any other. You may not choose the ‘Ultimate Hope’ or the ‘Ultimate Despair’ as both of those are special.
  • One player will randomly be selected as the ‘Ultimate Lucky Student’. This player will still have another Ultimate but they will gain one more skill point to distribute.
  • You may also hide your ‘Ultimate’ but you will have one less skill point to distribute.
  • There is no Mastermind within the players. I am the Mastermind but I will not interfere in any way.

Game Mechanics

  • Actions must only be taken when a game master is on such as leaving a room etc.
  • The game will be divided into ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ phases
  • Day and nights will last as long as we see fit
  • Day and night phases will work with everyone doing actions as they see fit.
  • Lack of sleep can lead to visual negatives
  • You will be woken by all announcements (Morning, night, trail beginning, Assembly announcement, body discovery)

Becoming 'Blackened’

  • You may contact me during any ‘Daily life’ phase (When no one has been murdered since the last trial) you may message me with your plan and ask permission to proceed. This is to prevent too many murder plots happening at once. Your chances of being approved are increased by a more intricate plan - be interesting!
  • Only the person I chose as a blackened, or someone they provoke, may kill
  • You may have an accomplice, but only the killer will become blackened.
  • You CAN hide evidence in your own dorm or on your person, but that also means you are liable for a shakedown.
  • You may only kill up to TWO people. Any more than that will get yourself executed.
  • If anyone commits suicide. The person who committed suicide will become the ‘blackened’.

Investigation Phase

  • After three people have found a dead body. It will turn into the Investigation phase.
  • A Monokuma file regarding the general information of the dead body will be distributed as a truth bullet to every living player.
  • In this time, you have 4 ingame hours to explore around the school for ‘Truth Bullets’.
  • All Truth Bullets will be put into your e-Handbook/Private DM

Class Trial

  • You must vote at the end of the trial
  • You may present any truth bullets you have found.
  • You cannot present false evidence, but you can lie as much as you wish.

Join: Join by joining the discord.

  1. WazzaAzza
  2. Squiddo
  3. PKR
  4. Maxi
  5. Poke
  6. Geyde
  7. Shurian
  8. BlueStorm
  9. Rhilunam
  10. MarioXTurn
  11. Lightsin
  12. HoneyBiscuit
  13. CheesyKnives
  14. Chi
  15. Margaret
  16. eevee


  1. UsernamePending
  2. Nerbins

means they are not from these forums


Scrungis - friend of mine

there was no 16th student here. until the 16th student just appeared.

join by joining the discord

Character sheet template.

Name: Self explanatory. Please try to have a Japanese name though.
Ultimate: Also explanatory.
Appearance: Describe it or put in an image of an anime.
Gender: M/F. No attack helicopters. You may lie about your gender however (this isn’t a transphobic comment okay modlerators).
Age: 17-21
Why you are THE Ultimate:

Private Information.

What you Care About Most: Same as below
Deepest Secret: This is important for later on.
Life Dream:

Stats: You have 17 points to spend on them

Strength: x/5 - Self explanatory
Agility: x/5 - Self explanatory
Investigation: x/5 - Regarding Investigations
Creativity: x/5 - Regarding how interesting your murders are.
Manipulation: x/5 - Explanatory.

Additional Skills:

These are meant to be based on your ultimate. You may have a maximum of 2. These do not have points in them.


I have made minor changes to make it more similar to the games.




6 days






geyde inning?

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I’m going to sleep rn, but will do discord later



Same as Lightsin except I’m joining discord now and doing character stuff later IG (Unless we only do that when it starts)


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never do two rps at the same time
they’ll both suicide and neither will grow as they could


I’m not even going through tol very often.

also. this is more of a game than a rp