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Danganronpa Climax Return: Depths of Despair


Welcome to Danganronpa, Climax Return: Depths of Despair!

This is set in an Australian Camp with your two leaders, an Australian @Pug named Tremor and me, a British person named Akira Abiko.

We do not need a co-host and this entire game is run on the Discord server. If you join it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get in.

The Discord

The Game is explained in the discord and we allow you to ask questions.

Applications are serious, meme applicants and meme applications will not be accepted. So try and actually apply properly.

That’s all from me! Cya, ask questions in the discord.

Deadline is June 1st




The killing game starts again.


Alright kids, ready for chills, thrills, and kill-

Wait this isnt titanfall 2


Can’t wait to kill again :stuck_out_tongue:


He says, despite the fact that he has not joined yet.