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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


He thinks it was because he put his claws somewhere it was hurting
And he proceeded to support you, but by the other side.


(Pretty sure healing word doesn’t need a d20 to hit the target, you just roll the healing @Mercenary)


I’m asking that I have healing word and at the moment we are not in battle

Do I need to roll to be able to cast it?


You still roll for the amount of healing


But not the normal die against the 8 + prof + bonus, right?


No, you’re not attacking your fellow players

Spells only need a roll to hit if it says so in the spell description



[my life was a lie]


The bard knew better what to do, though. He cast Healing Word. You could feel the healing energy through your body and, even if you weren’t actually hurt, scratches and small pains stopped worrying you.


Beruk shoots the innkeeper a glare, then glances back toward the ground. He then mutters some sort of profanity in genuine frustration at the bullshit he’s encountered.


“Aiga, Aiga, please calm down”, he says with the voice of the old person he sometimes imitated. “That’s how things are”, he switches to Loki’s and starts to look for the right key.



“For reference.” He says gesturing, pointing to himself. “Incapable of actually being angry. Just easily disappointed with others.”

“Might as well go to where we’ve been directed. At that point we could possibly achieve ‘progress’” stated with air quotes and a grin.


He didn’t believe the first expression and tilted their head at hearing the second one.
“I can’t understand it.”, he repeats with your own voice and instinctively retreats half a step when waiting for your response.


Beruk sighs.


The kenku bard imitates the sigh.


Beruk shakes his fist in a joking manner.


Loki becomes utterly confused and worried as the bird casted a healing spell on him despite him not having a major injury. He starts to sweat as he realizes that the bird’s actions might have placed his plan in jeopardy. Loki tries his best to keep up his act
“I-I don’t think anything’s working! T-The pain might get better if y-you give me a room to r-rest in.”


He actually backs a step with the fist being shaken, as if it was a real agression


“You really don’t have to be this antsy. Taking my gestures seriously is a mistake in and of itself. It’s all theatrics with no hidden meaning behind it. No sirree.”


He goes forth a step again and tries to open a locket. Me swapped the keys, so it didn’t work


Glancing over to Loki, he spots the utterly horrible attempt to bluff an injury and even worse gambit for material value. He needs not comment on it however, as this problem will be halted if he intervenes. Beruk just silently applauds.


(he rolled a 19+1 in acting


(this is what I get by not reading the thread :^)

@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 15


(okay it’s mostly fine. no complete continuity break