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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


Loki sighs as he quietly whispers to himself
“Security must be tight around here.”


Roll for Deception


@discobot roll 1d20
Bonus: +3


:game_die: 5


"Hah. You really do have a birdbrain. Give me the gp please."

or I mean. we have the basement for 2SP.


"I feel as though you two might make yourself feel at ease down there."


"its also where that monster belongs."


Jokes? Huh. Well, I guess Unnok can try a hand at some jokes…

“Why music-men good thieves? They always LUTING!”
“Why not many skeletons at parties? They got no body to go with!”
“What you get when cross goblin with rabbit? Hopgoblin!”


(So noone reacts for drinking contest? Too bad.)


"the entire table starts laughing in a drunken matter and one of them give you a free beer before they pass out."


“I will be poor.”
He shows up a pouch with 10 copper pieces, 2 silver pieces, the electrum coin from earlier and actually one gold piece.
He hides the platinum one, though.


Unnok laughs, takes the beer, and drinks it.


"Heh. Here’s the key to the room. Just please dont poop on the ground like a bird does birdbrain. also just take that thing away from me."


“You people great fun to hang around with! Make Unnok feel warm inside, like bath in hot spring.”


He passed up all the coins he showed up and took Beruk by pushing his arm.


(uh oh. it’s monday already??? but time to go to sleep like this funny cat doe)


sorry everyone. it’s nearly 3am.


The little birdman really got insulted a lot without retaliating since the game started. A lot of resilience and patience.


Loki enters the inn looking disappointed with his findings


Tieflings weren’t really more welcome than half-orcs
actually their race description is entirely as being society outcasts
good luck bro