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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM




Falgrin enters tavern and shouts “Who’s up for good old drunkin competition? If you win, I will pay for all you drunk!”


“It’s in your best interests to secure some lodgings for the night.”


The Character Update.

Known Identities:

  • Billy. The General Store Owner

Mentioned in some way.

  • The photograph of the man on the ship.
  • Fellow Goliath.
  • Billy’s Brother.
  • The Inn Receptionist


"How many staying."


(I got you more info then all others of you together :^) )


Loki decides to also observe the weapon store to see if there is anything easily accessible


“Two”, he repeated, with the different voice of Unnak this time. He looked back to the door.


you observed the weapon store at first I think.


"Yeah. Okay. Do I look like a circus owner here. I’m not taking that thing in here. Usually itd be 1gp. but I’m only willing to make it 1gp for you birdbrain. but that thing requires 2gp to stay."


"Just dont let any administration see you two."


Unnok goes over to a table with people on it and starts sharing stories about his home and life.


they are all too drunk to understand you but if they were sober. they think itd be weird."

“Whatttdya think you’re doing sitting on our table.”


What is in the store?


“I mean if you can tell a few jokes. We’ll let you stay here.”


as I said above. nothing


the general store just has what was described to eevee.


"Hold it on us big guy."


(my departure will be done once I’m finished with all the current arcs going on. I wont address any new arcworthy material created after this post)


I put over the table a single coin of electrum. Had the same value as a normal electrum coin, but could raise collector’s curiosity doing to it being stamped over the seal of another land.