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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


“My name is Falgrin as you saw from a letter”


I climb the inn down and open the front door with the key. You can’t lock it now òwó.
(Please tell me if they start to try to put something in front of the door because it would take enough time for me to try to say something)
“I don’t believe that is necessary.”… “The case here is slightly different.”


Billy: "ah ain’t frum round 'ere. I’m 40 yeahs old and may parents sent me 'ere to attempt to make money for 'em. they havn’t sent anythen to meh in a yeah. explaynen why may stok so lowe. but ah adventuren ya want? tha tavehn is a prety dam good place to get sam quest. they alwahs be complaynin’ 'bout somethen."


“craften is anutha thin. ya just gottah ask tha weapon store guy. who is mah brutha tomorowh. he is alwehs recruiten craftahs.”


“famileh busines yah no”


"Your parents are merchants too? Wouldn’t mind passing a message for them if you want. After all I’m searchin for good contacts.

But for now… Is there any forge in the city where I could remake your scrap into some useful tools for sell? Let’s say it will be a parting gift from me till I manage to relay a message to my guild to send some supllied merchants here."


(Lol didn’t see your message when I wrote mine)


modnote: (sorry everyone. it’s like 2am for me rn. I’ll go and resume the campaign once I wake up even if its christmas day)


"ah wel actuehly yah gotta ask mah brutha for that. he knohs mer bout motha and fatha than I dew


(can my scene be ended tho :frowning:


"he starhted acten weerd a yeah agoh. he dont rehly like visitahs. so I’ll go out and tell em tonit that yeh want in."


The receptionist. screamed until.

oh wait. just the bird man. okay. at least it wasn’t the worst of the freak show that arrived


@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 11


how may I help you feather person.


“Thanks a lot and good night!”

Falgrin prepares to leave the store.


@PoisonedSquid you cannot seem to find anything of easy access.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


The General Store has now closed and Billy is walking away


Are there items of hard access visible?