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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


(the former


He looked to Loki in a “don’t do any shit” way and waited for someone to decide first where to go next.


Seemingly recovered from earlier, Beruk attempts to get the attention of the whole group. It’s almost like he knows what they should do!

“It’s in your best interests to secure some lodgings for the night. Who the hell knows what shit we’re in if we don’t. That make sense?”


@Pug I go to the Inn of Dreams.


@Pug i go into tavern


@Pug He follows Beruk. Harsh life when you can’t really ask for prices on your own.
Counted the money in the pouch.


@Pug Unnok will head to the Tavern, to mingle with commoners and tell his stories to find a place to stay for the night.


I will try to incapacitate guards


(You know that splitting party is worst thing wich happens to gm, usualy?)


@Pug I will go to avarge weapon store.


(yes but no)


@Geyde @Mercenary.

Beruk says hello to the inn owner but the door is slammed shut.

@H_Hjasik @BlueStorm

You both arrive at the tavern. Everyone seems to welcome you there. It is highly unlikely anyone there is sober.


as you arrive at the store.

it closes due to the time


“Well, we truly are alone out here. Heh, feels familiar.” @geyde


Unnok looks around to see if there’s anyone of interest in the tavern.


I circunvent the inn to detect any windows open or semi-open. Really, any hole sound could pass through. @Pug


Loki looks to see if the store has anything left unattended @Pug


Brian examines tavern @Pug


You find another Goliath just standing there in the tavern.

He seems to be incredibly drunk though as with everyone else in the tavern.


You somehow recognize someone from a photo that you stared at on the ship.

You have no idea who he is but you do see him.