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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


(I’ll give you privacy :thinking:)


“Our people no needed money?” He repeated Unnok’s voice, quite clearly removing one piece at dialogue to mend at other. @Geyde


“I don’t quite understand.”


“Our people no needed money really. Still now, Unnok no have money on him.”


Narrowing his eyes, Beruk still struggles to understand the point of the Birdbrain’s words. They were clearly trying to tell him something, but he was just so far off. “You don’t need to keep trying. I understand that I can’t understand it.”


He just lowered his head with a “that’s how things are” borrowed from Loki. Almost all the time he tried to make an inquiry, the result was this scene being played over and over again, a slow circle of madness.



“So stop.”


“I lack the patience to care.”



Regaining his composure, Beruk glares at the bird. “If you seek attention as you have so fragrantly demonstrated here, you’ll find it elsewhere.” pointing in accusation.


“It’s a wasted breath that only unearths more scars.” - probably the scary part was that it was your own voice, filled with a small droplet of guilt.
Remebering what they said earlier now, though, he was probably just mad and himself and discounting it on the birdman. If they couldn’t maintain a discussion at this level, the better thing would be to wait for Beruk to recompose.


Beruk kicks up some dirt as he paces. He can’t quite say what he intends.


He just hurries a little to follow the way at Beruk’s side, quietly.
In order to disract himself, he looked up to the sky.


Beruk takes a seat, pulling out his banjo. He strums, almost silently singing about an escape from a life that choked him. The lyric transitioned into a somber melody about being true to his feelings which he once held. He’d gone too far, violently thrashing at the people who meant him no harm. It was a stench of destructive guilt.


He quietly listened, for once not trying to copy whatever he was presented to. It was… Too personal to learn how to play it, even if he could sing at any moment probably wouldn’t do we. He kept looking to the sky, as if there was something written on it.
Still without looking, he offered you the canteen after you have ended.


Beruk gestures a ‘no’ with his hand.


brian stands up he looks around and notices few individuals
“How long have I been unconscious?”


sorry everyone.

I will not be hosting this today.

I’m burnt out from irl.


well actually…

After walking for a few hours. You came across a village inhabited by Human. Ledge.

This village is by a mountain and it has ~50 people in it’s population.

Areas of Importance

  • Inn of Dreams
  • The Nightly Celebration (Tavern)
  • The General Store
  • Your Average Weapon Store

The guards at the entrance just glare at all of you in a funny way. Meaning no harm.


Two demons, a raven, a half-orc, a half-angel, a dwarf and a half-giant. Oh my son, we are going to do great merging in with any local populace.


(Was I princess Carried to village or am I alone in airship rn